Friday, September 02, 2005

WIP is terrible

i listen to them from time to time. it's hard not to, but you have to realize that half the time they don't even believe what they're saying. they just need to stir up controversy to get ratings. agreeing with the front office doesn't make for good radio. cataldi and missanelli are the worst offenders. i can't believe they put him mike miss back on the air. he's the most disingenuous of the bunch.

the facts are that andy reid has rarely been wrong about a personnel assessment. that's a fact.

if the radio morons had their way, we'd be dealing with the ricky williams fiasco instead of watching our franchise qb.

if the radio morons had their way, we'd have watched our first round bust travis taylor for 5 years instead of a good to very good corey simon.

if the radio morons had their way, we'd be watching our old corners disintegrate before our eyes with a salary cap out of control, unable to replace them.

you can go on and on about how wrong the radio morons have been, but they have no accountability to anyone but their own wallets. they do a disservice to the sports fans of this area by riling people up and fomenting discord with little or no basis.

i recognize that the front office isn't infallible -- they have a tough time drafting wideouts and linebackers e.g. -- but no one is (well maybe belichick is...). however, every analysis i've seen on team drafting success places them in the top 2 or 3 teams in the nfl. combine that with the fact that they've been right *every* time they cut someone loose, and i think people need to cut them more slack. they're doing a good job.


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