Saturday, September 03, 2005

Fond Farewell Hugh

it's always sad to see once great players trying to hang on at the end of their career, especially ones you had a real fondness for...

i was watching hugh pretty closely at the last preseason game, and he just can't play anymore. i told my friend phil at the game that i bet the eagles cut hugh douglas, and he told me i was crazy. his logic for keeping hugh is that he's indispensible in the locker room etc. you know what though? he's only good in the locker room if the other players look up to him. when it was all-pro hugh acting crazy, it keeps the guys loose. when it's marginal nfl player hugh douglas, i'm not sure how much impact it has on people. fare well hugh douglas. philadelphia will always love you.

by the way, trent cole looks like to me like a carbon copy of derrick burgess. i hope he can stay healthy.


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