Monday, September 12, 2005

It's the most wonderful time of the year

eagles season starts today! this is better than any other holiday on the calendar.

football links and thoughts:

- is it possible that this whole thing was a way for TO to get the team to admit how much they need him? is it possible that he's that insecure?

- an analysis of whether or not champ bailey is in fact a "shutdown corner"

- did you see how big "little dumpling" was last night? he may have the biggest ass in the nfl

- i think the eagles win tonight's opener going away. i don't think atlanta has closed the gap much on the eagles, but that will depend largely on the improvement of vick in the passing game. the birds have shown the last two times they played the falcons that they can control vick's scrambling. vick needs to take that next step before they'll be real contenders. my prediction eagles 24 - falcons 10.


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