Monday, August 29, 2005

Corey Simon Gone!

i know that lots of people out there are shocked by this simon move and most of the media are wondering how they could let him get away and get "nothing" in return, but i must be missing something because i think this is the best move for them for a few reasons:

- they'll likely get at least a 3rd round compensatory pick from the nfl for losing a player of simon's stature, which to me is just as good as a trade.

- they can use the extra cap space this year to front load a contract for westbrook. by putting the extra front loading as first year salary they'll be in better cap condition for future years

- would he have been more than the 4th or 5th d-tackle in the rotation anyway? i think a healthy thomas is better than simon (at least the simon we've seen for the last 2 seasons) and patterson is going to be better than him. i'd put him slightly above rayburn, but at least rayburn gives you consistent effort.


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