Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time For Some Respect?

I'd call this a very nice win against a team that several pre-game analysts were calling the best team in the NFC. I liked how they jumped out to a decent lead, then never really let the Falcons back into the game.

What I liked:
Kolb looked very good. Decent throws with the INT being his only big mistake.

Play calling from Reid. He did a lot of good things early to keep the pressure of 4. Then going back and faking the end around and going deep to Maclin.

Run defense kept a very good running team from doing much. Part of this may have been getting up 14 points quick, but they still kept running the ball and never got much going.

What I didn't like:
Stop with the penalties for crying out loud. Even Kolb got into the act this week.

Jackson's injury. Losing him for any period of time could really crimp this team.

Inability to kick FGs. Bumble needs to stop saying good things about him.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best coaching I've seen out of Reid, Marty, and McD in a long time. They had a great game plan and exploited some things and also took away things.

O Line played very well. King had a very nice day and Andy gave him help at the right times.

Commitment to the run equals balance equals plays open up top. Hmmm.

Front 7 was much better. I'll be honest, I think Bunkley getting hurt may be kind of a good thing. He has under achieved his entire career and never made any of those wow plays you expect from a number 12 pick. The back ups play hard, split double teams, and make plays at the LOS.

Bradley had his best game of the year. Maybe his woes are still injury related.

Simms still has yet to make a play.

I jinxed Akers. He was in his own head yesterday.

Still too many penalties. Still terrible special teams play aside from one nice return. They need to clean that up.

Schmitt is really a good blocker. He engulfs people.

I was shocked as I expected a pretty sound trouncing. That was a fun game to watch. I have entertainment quotients and that game more than met mine. I am not sold they are yet an elite team due to some core holes, but they shocked me.

Did anyone see that game ending INT by Indy? That was an amazing pick and it goes to show the miniscule difference between an 80 yard TD and a game ending pick.


3:12 PM EDT  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Bumble, that game is a perfect example of why I am always so optimistic. Does it happen all the time? Nope. It doesn't even happen a majority of the time. But it happens often enough to make me think they can play like that on any given Sunday.

7:47 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They have some speed and can create mismatches if they can withstand the initial blitz. Their O line had not done that well to this point, thus my doubt. They did on Sunday, although for whatever reason Atlanta sat in base much of the day.

The scary thing is Celek is having a terrible year. If he just started catching half the balls he dropped, they'd be darn near impossible to cover.


12:24 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we have some really good receivers on this team, even with Jackson sidelined (though I think he may be the best in the league right now).

Ellis Hobbs is a giant pussy. He made only one play towards the end of the game. the other plays he was "involved" in were more like, him jumping NEAR people, or getting in people's way.

I hope King Dunlap starts the rest of the year. I think Kolb played as about perfectly as you could.
A 133+ QB rating. wow.
Also, with Kolb getting NFC player of the week, how do you justify pulling him in 2 weeks for Vick?

D really picked it up. Penalties are still annoying, but nothing that really killed us this game.

- Joe

1:35 AM EDT  
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