Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's OK to Cheat

Count me among those that think this is the only rational conclusion to draw from the Brian Cushing revote for Defensive Rookie of the Year award. This is very similar to the Shawn Merriman situation a couple years back. Giving an award to someone who cheats tells everyone else that it's OK. There is no other conclusion. It's not a "process" issue. It's not a "masking agent" issue. And it's certainly not a "he never got caught again" issue. It's a "fine to cheat as long as you play very, very good afterward" issue.

I truly hope the NFL gets this fixed before my 4 year old son is old enough to start "learning" from these guys. And the better fix than not giving these guys awards (duh) is to 1) increase the length of suspensions to at least 8 games and more appropriately a year, and 2) fine them above and beyond the lost game checks. Think these guys are going to take steroids if they know their 1st offense will result in a year at home and an extra seven figures going to the NFL? I don't.

Seriously, this is an EASY fix. Can you imagine if football became like baseball? Yikes.



Blogger David said...

I dislike cheatin. That said, the sport is steroids. The human body cannot, cannot get that big and fast without chemical assistance. Diet and excercise only get one so far. I make this point only to say they can stiffen the penalties, but until this sport really takes a hard look at itself and realizes the drugged up gladiators who dominate it are just not "good guys", your poor son will see the ugly side of this thing.

I find it amazing that the government hasn't stepped in more and tried to address the issue of 37 year old athletes dying suddenly (Norman hand), scumbags getting 20 chances (Lawrence Taylor, Pacman), guys mentally debilitated for life (Mike Webster), and the rash of other issues that accompany this sport. It truly amazes me the sad life of pro football players after and even during their careers. Goodell is no better than Vince McMahon-pulling all the strings, exploiting his super stars, ignoring rampant drug problems.

I will just tell my daughters to be amused by the sport but don't place a shred of respect into it as it is an ugly thing when you pull the curtain back.



11:57 AM EDT  
Anonymous Big Dog said...

Personally, I have never been anti-steroid. I believe it's a choice that you take, that has long term health risk, that has benefits that could be short term gains. I may have a short group of people that agree with me, but to me it's like legalizing drugs (street drugs) and prostitution. These will always exist, regulate and tax it. People say "cheating"....well okay, I don't see it that's not like you are paying off officials or stealing me it's giving your body an advantage which if you asked any athlete in history if they wanted it, they probably would say yes. I don't see it much different than the government making abortion illegal. It's your body.

I probably will get blasted, but that is my Libertarian view.

9:42 AM EDT  
Blogger David said...

My issue with steroids is that they make you hyper aggessive and I just don't think you can come back down from that. I've seen first hand what steroids can do. I've seen guys break all the windows out of a car with their bare hands for no reason. i've seen hulking 250 pound men beat to a pulp 135 pound men for no reason. They are a dangerous thing. I fear allowing an entire league to consume them at will creates an unsafe environment for those of us unfortunate to encounter these guys. Just my opinion.


10:34 PM EDT  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Cheating is doing something against the rules. The NFL says that taking steriods is illegal. So by taking them, players are cheating. That's pretty cut and dry.

8:58 AM EDT  
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