Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 Eagles Schedule

2010 Regular Season
Sun. 12 Green Bay 4:15 PM* FOX
Sun. 19 @ Detroit 1 PM FOX
Sun. 26 @ Jacksonville 4:05 PM FOX
Sun. 3 Washington 4:15 PM* FOX
Sun. 10 @ San Francisco 8:20 PM* NBC
Sun. 17 Atlanta 1 PM FOX
Sun. 24 @ Tennessee 1 PM FOX
Sun. 31 Bye Week
Sun. 7 Indianapolis 4:15 PM* CBS
Mon. 15 @ Washington 8:30 PM* ESPN
Sun. 21 New York Giants 8:20 PM*+ NBC
Sun. 28 @ Chicago 1 PM+ FOX
Thurs. 2 Houston 8:20 PM* NFL Network
Sun. 12 @ Dallas 8:20 PM*+ NBC
Sun. 19 @ New York Giants 8:20 PM*+ NBC
Sun. 26 Minnesota 1 PM+ FOX
Sun. 2 Dallas 1 PM+ FOX



Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Looks pretty decent to me after a quick perusal. Both Cowboy games in final 4 weeks is a little odd. At least we have IND at home.

7:10 PM EDT  
Blogger David said...

Heard this on the way home on the Sal Pal football hour. Woof! Not too many weak sisters there. Lots of great QB they'll be facing. Not an easy game after Halloween. I realize the schedule always looks more daunting based on who gets hurt/sucks/etc, but today this looks tough as a coffin nail.


8:49 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

4 sunday night games. Against Washington on a monday night - how convenient. Extra Ratings grabber for Philly & Wash fans.


4:45 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure how I feel about this first round pick. I have seen him play and he has a great motor, raw speed, and he makes a ton of plays. That said, the following concerns me

1. Was DE really the top need? Why get Tapp? I fear this is some sort of hybrid move to OLB in the making and I hate those.

2. Was this DE really worth moving up and losing your two thirds? By all draftnik predictions, he would've been there at 24. They need so much help that they will desperately miss those two thirds. Hopefully they wheel and deal today.

I hope this works and I am happy they held that 37, but very confused it was a DE and they pissed away three picks for a guy who would've been at their original spot.

Flip side, can you imagine being Denver? Tebow in round one? Really? Guy is a stud, but he would've easily been there in round two or even later.

I think Jared Ohdrick is going to be a great pro. Really impressed me at PSU. He'll be a versatile guy who can go in and outside and create some havoc.

I think Joe Haden looks like a rat.


8:52 AM EDT  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

I know nothing of the guy. But that said, if they thought he was that good then he's worth a low 1 and 2 thirds. Never know when someone else may have jumped up to take him there.

I was say DE is as big a need as any other position. It's the one position that can really make all the other players seem so much better. Amazing how much better a corner is when he only has to cover for 2 seconds vs. 4.

6:04 PM EDT  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

My bigger fear is PHI has an awful track record of moving up in round 1 and getting "their man" who typically either is a bust (McDougal) or injury/head case (Andrews).

6:06 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well we are certainly cornering the market on tiny 225 pound DE.

Dislike this pick in the third. One because you have so many other needs, why waste a third on this position? Two, this guy was on no one's board in the third. Three because Andy's track record with drafting DE is really poor.

Really unimpressed with their draft so far? they traded down and out a bunch and let their franchise QB go for two puny DE and a safety who is considered to lack closing speed. Meanwhile their divisional foes are having fantastic drafts on paper with name guys who we've all seen kill people on Saturday afternoons. Gonna be a long one Birds fans.


10:57 PM EDT  
Blogger David said...

Beter round 4. Hopefully the start of a great day with all those picks in 4 and 5. Don't hate the TE, but wondering if that makes Ingram irrelevant and another draft day bust. Kafka can play, although he was projected round 5-6, so not sure what prompted the early trigger pull for a project QB.

I want DB, DB, DB, LB, LB LB and an OC from here on out.

12:00 PM EDT  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

I know nothing of any college players and no one knows how any of them will turn out. I do like how the Eagles seem to jettison their busts fairly soon rather than wasting roster spots on them for 4 years.

1:53 PM EDT  
Blogger David said...

Phil you said two very interesting things. "No one knows how any of them will turn out" being the first. Not an entirely true statement. Athletes are athletes and certain skill sets project well for schemes and the NFL game. I do know that 240 lb DE tend to get pushed around a lot. The Birds draft these hybrid LB/DE guys which I would be fine with...if they ran the 3-4. In the 4-3, these extraneous DE types have no home.

You also said they jettison their busts quickly. i will turn on that and ask why they have so many high round busts in the first place. They seem to deep six way too many 2nd and 3rd rounders and their 1sts are a mixed bag at best. They do well later, which tells me a lot of the faces today will be on the team and will succeed. I just don't understand why they play what I'll call the "Gocong/McCoy" game and draft guys 2-3 rounds earlier than everyone else pegged them and then cut them. In my eyes, the better teams at drafting-Ravens for one-draft accomplished studs who play the position they want to fill. I don't get stretch drafting in the first 3 rounds and I fear they did some of that this year, but I hope I am way off.

I am shocked no interior linemen and no OL at all. Very un Reid.


3:07 PM EDT  
Anonymous Big Dog said...

Brandon Graham went where he was supposed to go. He would NOT have been there at 24. I like the fact that they went bonkers on defense. I like the 3rd round pick becasue he is polynesian with the best name since Chris AFumanatoanolhloa'aa'aa'ao or whatever the hell his name was from Pittsburgh a few years ago. I hope the FS can play and cover a 3rd receiver. Hey, these guys hopefully know what the hell they are doing. They are going to hope that guys like McGlynn and Andrews can push guys like Cole and Max Jean to back ups. I am okay with that. I like having Kolb there. I think it's an exciting time just for a change. You can't have enough good, fast defensive players. Those quick guys make the big loads work and tire them out...in theory. We'll see I guess, but how can you be upset? You have no idea how these guys are going to pan out.

2:04 PM EDT  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...


I totally agree with everything you just said.

7:20 PM EDT  
Blogger David said...

I don't like trading from 59 all the way down to 81. severe talent drop off in an entire round of picks. I also don't like no Ol when their Ol was their weakest link last year and they've done nothing to upgrade. I also don't like grabbing like 12 DE who weigh less than me. I think that the formula of tiny DL only ends up with your team getting pushed around in the NFC East. You should be building to stop what your top divisional competition can do. Dallas absolutely mauled them up front last year and what did they do? they went smaller. Makes no sense to me.

But that's why I'm in pharmaceuticals vs. football.


10:44 PM EDT  
Anonymous Big Dog said...

They have always gone smaller and quicker, they were just more successful with Johnson calling the shots and B Dawk laying somebody out and scaring them...plus their corners could be left on islands when they blitzed...I think small and fast is good, as long as the small and fast guys don't blow. Heck, I am okay with putting a small and fast guy at DT and letting him run by a sloppy, fat guard. I just think the smaller, faster guys they have had recently haven't been as good as what they have had in say early 2000s...plus they haven't had a guy that can cover the TE since Carlos Emmons. Small (if we consider 270 small) but with great burst is scary as hell to a T....small without a burst is NOT.

10:25 AM EDT  
Anonymous Big Dog said...

When I was a junior in high school we had a NT who was probably about 170-175...as soon as the ball was snapped he was in the backfield causing problems. Speed kills. You just need the right players and we have to have faith that the Eagles did that.

10:27 AM EDT  
Anonymous fitzgerald said...

Biggest tickets of the year has to be home game versus Redskins - will be very interested to see how many #5 jerseys will be in the stands.

7:07 AM EDT  
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