Monday, April 12, 2010

This Eagles Fan is Revitalized

still too busy to be a frequent contributor here, but i gotta say, this eagles fan is looking forward to this season and seeing how kolb does over a whole year.

i'm not saying that i think kolb is better than mcnabb.

i'm not saying that i think the eagles will do better with kolb at qb.

i'm not saying that i'm a fan of kolb.

(though any of these are certainly possible)

i'm just saying that from a pure entertainment standpoint, the eagles had gotten a bit stale and changing things up was the best move. may or may not be the right move from a "football" standpoint, but it was the right move to inject a measure of hopefulness and anticipation that was missing with the previous core.

- meanguy



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I looked for you at the Union's home opener, and I'm happy to say there were enough folks there to hide you (think I recall your saying you bought a season ticket).

What were your impressions?

Here's mine: 90 minutes of non-stop action, no television time outs, no violent belligerence from an excited crowd.

The Union did the Linc proud. Can't wait to see them in Chester.


6:45 PM EDT  
Blogger David said...

I drive by that area where they have the stadium in Chester several times a week for work...not sure how they will draw down there. It is an absolute toilet.


7:54 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i was there with my family. i split season tix with a few people so i should be getting to about 6 games this year.

it really was a exciting game and seeing our newbie team win was just gravy. it wasn't like watching the brazilian national team, but there were a few guys who look like they are pretty skilled and the young players look promising.

aside from the delays getting into the stadium because of the secret service checks with biden at the game, i thought they pulled the day off pretty well. side effect funny about the non-stop action is that if you're a little late getting in, you miss a big chunk of the game!

it'll be interesting to see if they can grow the fanbase. they can stay viable just by keeping the hardcore fans interested (like the flyers do), but i'll be curious to see if they can sell the product a the broader audience (like the flyers can't).

7:56 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

I drive by that area where they have the stadium in Chester several times a week for work...not sure how they will draw down there. It is an absolute toilet.

i don't know what progress has been made, but for the last couple of years, penndot has been building an off-ramp from i-95 that leads directly to the stadium.

if it's done well, people will be able to drive to the game and not even see chester. good for patrons... bad for chester. would be nice to see some money flowing into chester out of this...

7:59 AM EDT  
Blogger David said...

Ernie Simms for a fifth, liking that move a lot...unless he quietly has a knee or a cocaine problem. Loved him coming out of FSU.


9:12 PM EDT  
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