Sunday, January 03, 2010

Eagles @ Cowboys Post Mortem: Irrational Version

Unbelievable. This is the game the Cowboys played last year in PHI when they had to win. The defense couldn't stop anyone and the offense couldn't move the ball. Throw in a mediocre at best special teams play and the Eagles were lucky to lose by ? points.

Neither Reid nor McNabb decided to show up. Offensively the execution was poor both by McNabb and his WR. Nothing but missed throws and dropped passes. Several lapses by Reid whether it was timeouts that didn't need to be called or FGs that shouldn't have been kicked.

The defensive game plan was atrocious with limited blitzes in 1H. Tackling was suspect at best. I didn't see anyone flying around out there making plays.

As far as I can tell, the only people who decided to show up where Celek and . . . and . . . I guess the bus drivers who brought them to the game since I know I saw the Eagles on the football field. To lay the blame for this game on any one player (or 4 players) is to slight the entire team dis-effort that was displayed out there. Both coaches as well as players. I'll say it one more time: unbelievable. I never thought I'd see that game played. Close loss? Sure. But a blow-out loss with #2 playoff seed on the line?

Seriously, WTF just happened?!?!



Blogger David said...

The optimist side of me says "great, get the turd out of your system" The game was a 3 hour colonoscopy and every single guy sucked. However, one cannot ignore the stakes and how pathetic they played. It looked like no confidence and no leadership.

Reality is, this is no SB team. Their D is nowhere near good enough to carry them anywhere and if Don is off, they have no shot of moving the ball because their RB are too slow.


7:13 PM EST  
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