Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eagles at Giants Preview

Well, this isn't a game the Eagles have to win to make the playoffs, but it's a game that could really, really help them. A win basically takes the NYG out of the Wildcard race as they'll be 3 games behind the Eagles considering the tie-breakers (head-to-head). Philly never does anything easily, so I'm expecting them to keep the playoff suspense high by losing.

Keys to the Game

1) Got to win the turnover battle.
2) Avoid stupid penalties.
3) Big plays by the offense.
4) Red zone efficiency.
5) Give Eli happy feet early.
6) Shut down Jacobs.

I think the Eagles are the better team so I think they only need to accomplish half of the above to win the game. The big question is will they?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really wish I had said this, but instead I read it in Dave Hiltbrand's column in the Inquirer:

"Watching NFL games on Fox, you pray your team hasn't drawn the Daryl Johnson/Tony Siragusa color tandem. That's always a painful three hours.

Can someone please tell me what Siragusa brings to the party as the designated end-One commentator? He's like the boot on the next barstool who keeps butting into the convesation you're having with your friend.

It just goes to show: Moose and Squirrel, perfect together. Moose and Goose? Heartburn city."

Siragusa is quickly becoming even more annoying than John Maddon, impossible as that is to comprehend.

Ed Wade

12:36 PM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Really? Siragusa doesn't bother me all that much. I think he has some good analysis on the line play and frankly is about the only commentator that even mentions their good/bad points other than the obvious penalties.

3:39 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Siragusa is a complete jackass.

5:37 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, so the Cowboys lost. Anyone else out there feeling like tonight is the night the Eagles take over the East? I realize I'll look foolish if they lose, but I have a good feeling about going into Gotham tonight.

Call me crazy, but I just think the Eagles have the better team. After a win tonight, the Birds will sit in a pretty enviable position, given where they stacked up a month ago.

Are you feeling it?

Ed Wade

7:34 PM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Nope, but I'm hoping it.

8:13 PM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

Calls all seem to be going one way here. If only this was hockey and we'd be guaranteed 2 or 3 make up calls/penalties in 2H.

10:06 PM EST  

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