Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dawkins @ Eagles Preview

Er, I mean Broncos at Eagles Preview. That is if they're planning on bringing the rest of the team. They'll need them all to beat the Eagles. Though as we've seen this year it's definitely doable if the bad or average Eagles team shows up.

I hate to keep carping on this, but if the Eagles win the turnover battle, they win this game. This is Keys to the Game 1 through 4. If not, then they'll also need big days from DeSean, McNabb, and McCoy to pull out the win. Doable, but I'd really like to see a complete game from this team before they head into the playoffs where they'll need 4 complete games in order to win a SB.

Speaking of playoffs, the road to the SuperBowl is starting to look a bit easier these days. Not so much because Philly's playing that much better, but that everyone else is playing that much worse. Favre is starting to play like Favre. The Saints are beatable at home. The Cowboys and Giants are even more unpredictable than the Eagles. Virtually the only scary team going into the playoffs are the Packers who just lost a game to a team mired in a 5 game losing streak.

No body has won anything yet though and the players are all saying the right thing. THA is typically optimistic in most things, but I don't think I'm being too homerish thinking maybe this team has a shot.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, THA. Thanks for keeping this blog a fun place to visit.

Ed Wade

5:24 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With Donovan's playing so well right now, why do the Eagles continue to take the ball out of his hands to run the absurd and ineffective wildcat? Is there anyone out there that thinks the wildcat is a good supplement to this potent offense?

Ed Wade

5:27 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

Wildcat is not ineffective when they have all of their athletes on the field. If you can get Celek, Maclin, Jackson, Vick, B Wes, and Vick, how do you stop that? In the 2nd Giants game, they could've gotten 20 yards a clip as the Giants didn't have the weapons to cover everyone and the Birds were getting rid of the ball so quickly. I actually think they have great personnel to run it IF they allow Vick the option of throwing. They will need that formation to beat good defensive teams like Dallas and the Vikes as it can neutralize speed rushers.


8:46 PM EST  
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