Sunday, December 20, 2009

49ers @ Eagles Post Mortem

What is this team capable of if they actually play a complete game? Last week they were missing a defense, however they came to play today. This week McNabb decided to make several really, really, really bad decisions and Reid takes a page out of Belichek's playbook (and not the good one).

I have watched a lot of other football teams, but I don't think anyone else looks this bad winning this well? I mean, I'm The Happy Apologist and all, but even I look at this win and say "Huh. I think they left 7 or 10 points on the field there." But they just beat a team competing for a playoff spot by 14 points!?!?! How high is that bar? It's ridiculous. I don't know if anything's good enough for us.

Here's my big takeaway from this game: they're playoff bound! And this team knows how to win. And they've solved the stupid penalties (only 4 offensive holding penalties all year?).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not afraid to start dreaming big. The Birds are on a nice little roll. Nice to see a team's riding high into the playoffs. I'm thrilled for the entertainment in December and hopefully through January. Why not?

Ed Wade

8:07 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

They are really a funny team. McNabb looks terrible one series with atrocious first year decision making, then he's Joe Montana. Defense looks soft as creme one series, then they dominate for 3-4 straight series. reid calls some terrible plays, then gets a phenomenal grrove where they look like the Roman empire cruising the field. They won. That's all that matters. No pressure the next two weeks, just play ball and keep getting better. i honestly think they took a few steps backward today from a "putting their head in their ass" angle with stupid calls and decisions, but Phil you nailed it-that was a desperate 49ers team with a playoff spot on the line. They have more talent and play makers than they've had in 10 years, and the Birds could've beaten them by 20 or more. This team can be scary. Just throw 10 the damned ball baby!


8:24 PM EST  
Anonymous Big Dog said...

10 is the most exciting Eagle I can recall. He is scary good. And he never takes a hit, he's like the rubberband man mixed with the speed of Usain Bolt. Stop on a dime, move laterally, back pedal...he, Maclin, Avant, Weaver, Celek, Shady McCoy...that's scary exciting playmakers.

9:44 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's funny. no matter how much angelo cataldi whines about andy (or secretly wishes for the birds to stumble). no matter how many times people predict 6-10 or 8-8 (at best). this team under andy reid and donovan mcnabb just keeps winning.

that's the bottom line. we all have our complaints about him, but when all is said and done, andy reid wins games.

the unfortunate thing for andy is that even if he eventually wins that superbowl, he won't ever be beloved in this place because of the numb way he communicates with the public.

if he had buddy ryan's brashness, he'd be the most popular coach in the history of professional sports.

1:49 PM EST  
Blogger The Happy Apologist said...

I'm still trying to tamp down my expectations. But I see some nice upside here. Funny how a season can turn around after a couple really bad games (OAK). Just win baby.

6:39 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on, Phil. Dare to dream. Sure, we don't have the best team, but who wants to play us in the playoffs? Easy answer... No one. Let's have some fun down the stretch!

Ed Wade

10:08 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

Imagine if they get healthy the last two weeks and can throw Maclin, Jackson, Avant, Celek, Weaver, Don, and Westbrook at teams? How does a team defend that?


10:47 PM EST  
Blogger David said...

I hate to say this, but the Cowboys are very talented. If Romo miraculously doesn't lose his mojo in these last few weeks, that also could be a scary team in the playoffs. Offensively they are loaded with skill and depth to rival the Birds and defensively they are better. Jay Ratliff is an absolute monster in the middle! The NFC East is truly shaping up to be the conference to beat here.


10:49 PM EST  
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