Friday, April 25, 2008

Lito Trade Coming?

lots of chatter about lito's visit to the bucs yesterday:

- jay glazer reports that it will take second pick and another pick or player to get the trade done

- les bowen reports that lito didn't deny a possible trade to tampa, and that eagles message boards speculate that michael clayton would be coming to the birds as part of the trade

- bob grotz says that st. louis is also interested and would be offering the 33rd pick in return

- roy cummings of the tampa tribune says that the bucs would be reluctant to part with more than just a single second round pick

i don't know about you, but i'm not that excited about the prospect of michael clayton suiting up for the birds. he has some size, but in the 3-4 times i've seen him play, he's been more or less invisible. he didn't have enough catches last season to be ranked by footballoutsiders, but his DVOA would have placed him at #73.

still, i guess the worst that can happen is that they'd cut him in training camp (or they cut greg lewis finally). also, with 12 picks, i don't have any doubts that the birds will be looking to aggressively move up to get the players they want. let's hope they're targeting the right players.

no more jerome mcdougles, please.

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Anonymous Phil said...

McDougle had a bunch of freak accidents. I think you mean, no more Freddie Mitchells please.

And I still don't understand why everyone wants to run Lito out of town on a rail. Dude might get hurt a lot, but isn't that why you want depth there? Or did his production drop off a lot last year? Or did he ask for a trade in the off-season? Something really doesn't smell right here.

12:07 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

explain to me how you're sitting at 19, Otah, Jones, Mendenhall all on the board and you trade out of the first round? And Lito hasn't been resolved????

I don't want to hear anything more about how Fat Red knows what he's doing. He doesn't. You have 11 picks and you can't use that many. You need to cut down to 8 picks (they'll cut 4-5 anyway, how do you make a trade where you take on 2 more picks in thsi draft?

This organization continues to get an F from me this off season. They've done nothing to upgrade and they had every chance to do so at 19. They aren't seriosu enough about winning.


5:27 PM EDT  

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