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Scrapplelog on Hiatus

scrapplelog is on hiatus for a couple of weeks due to overseas travel for work.

go phils!

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Anonymous Phil said...

I wish I could go on hiatus from this Eagles team. Effing A.

I put that loss largely on the coaching staff. How do you leave Justice out there all by himself when it was obvious in the 2Q he couldn't handle the pass rush?!?! Argh!!!!

I am very disappointed right now.

9:08 AM EDT  
Blogger Big Dog said...

I am embarrassed to be an Eagles fan right now....Bumble and I discussed this at length this morning. There is something fundamentally wrong with this team this year. I am sick and frigging tired of being outcoached and being unprepared...this year and in the past...Denver, Jacksonville, Dallas, Washington last week, Tennessee...the list goes!

9:58 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i agree guys. big red's been a pretty good gm, but hasn't been nearly as good as head coach.

if big red does step down as coach, i hope the new guy doesn't run the worst coast offense.

10:04 AM EDT  
Blogger Big Dog said...

I think we must agree, however, that something is wrong. Red has brought us a lot of wins and excitement, but I think Jeff Lurie/Banner have to be concerned with recent events....something needs, at least, tweaking....I just think it is past the "isolated event" it looks a little more chronic. What happened to Justice last night was kind of an abomination. And the guy was just let out there to suffer.

I highly doubt that Red will give up the "head coach" mantle and just work as a GM....ain't gonna happen. Plus, I just don't think that this team has it....I think I may be willing to break it down to build it up again, as I just think we are going nowhere with the status quo.

10:27 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

You all keep forgetting Reid gave up GM duties a while back to Heckert (

10:29 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

I'm not sure the team needs to get blown up. Don't forget almost 25% (5 of 22) of the starters were out for the game including half our secondary and our #1 offensive weapon. They were still in the game in the 2nd half. . .

10:32 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

let's talk about a few things that piss me off about this team.

1. Westbrook is a pu$$y. He is always hurt and never practices and that has to have adverse effects on the timing of the offense. Love his talent, but they need durability there. His absence last night in the 11th hour basically ended the game before it started.

2. Reid is a stubborn guy. he game plans one way and if it isn't working, he stays with it. In 9 years, the guy has never made good in game moves. No help for Justice, no answer for the G men blitzing the house every play. Those are basic adjustments that need to be made.

3. McNabb is a scared puppy who cannot play under pressure. The good QB get in the gun and audible into plays where they max protect or throws where the blitz isn't. the bad ones take 12 sacks and look like lost 5 year olds. Yes Justice gave up 6 sacks, most of which were unstoppable, but Donny took 3-4 bad sacks last night. he cannot scramble and he never adjusted.

4. The D is surprising me, but they need more DB depth because Shephered is another pu$$y who misses 3-4 games a year. His absence really thins them out.

5. They piss away key timeouts week in and week out with their inability to get the plays called. How does every othe rteam have this figured out?

6. They draft a ton of linemen on both sides of the ball, yet many of them appear like they cannot play (Gilles, Justice, et al). These guys were very talented at one point, so does that mean their line coaches suck?

7. penalties are the mark of an undisciplined team. that falls squarely on the staff. 15 penalties last night is squarely on the fat guy.

8. Rocca sucks. Where is this big Aussie leg? i'd cut him and get Dirk back.

9. They just lack those nasty punch you in the mouth guys. They never seem to knock anyone backwards. instead, they absorb the blows.

I really feel like they need to burn this mess down and start over. they will not win with this group of players and coaches, so let's blow it up and start over with a fresh perspective. It just makes good business sense. 9 years is just too long not to achieve greatness. they are on the down side of the bell curve now and it will only get worse. this team has bottom 6 in the league talent and is on pace for 4 wins. I don't need to see anymore to know that mass change is warranted.


9:28 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’ll give Bumble credit for a quality football rant. I think he’s made some points here that are silly (particularly about Westbrook and McNabb), but I appreciate his passion, realize that he’s venting, (and I also understand he’s forgotten more about football than I know).

I’ll also give him credit for his throwing in the towel a month ago and acknowledging that Jimmy Rollins is a better player than Jose Reyes. I promised him I’d provide a fair comparison at season’s end, and I’m throwing it out here to the baseball fan, hoping to help salve the wound left gaping by the Eagles’ inept start this season, and hoping to generate some interest in the upcoming Phillies-Rockies showdown. The Big Dog understands the kind of thing I’m talking about. I think the Captain probably does, too.


We can talk about a lot of statistics, but scoring runs is what pays the rent for a leadoff hitter.

Reyes: 119
Rollins: 139

Not very close considering the Phillies beat out the Mets by one game over a 162 game schedule.


Reyes: 191
Rollins: 212


Reyes: 36
Rollins: 38


Reyes: 12
Rollins: 20

Home Runs:

Reyes: 12
Rollins: 30


Runs Batted In:

Reyes: 57
Rollins: 94


Total Bases:

Reyes: 287
Rollins: 380

Are you kidding me?

Stolen Bases:

Reyes: 78 out of 99 (79%)
Rollins: 41 out of 47 (87%)

I’m not sure how many times Reyes was caught trying to steal third with two outs and David Wright up while his team was losing, but based on the games I saw the Mets cough up to the Phillies, I bet it was a lot. Jose Reyes epitomizes the “stat-packer,” and I’m dismissing quantity over quality outright, and awarding the decision in this category to Rollins based on his remarkable 87% success rate because he only stole bases in the right situations.

On Base Percentage:

Reyes: .354
Rollins: .344

Reyes had 77 BB compared to Rollins 49. Jimmy continues to draw too few walks, but let’s just say he was too busy hitting home runs this year.

Slugging Percentage:

Reyes: .421
Rollins: .531

This is a little eye-popping.


Reyes: .280
Rollins: .296


Reyes: 203 PO, 445 Assists, 12 Errors, 88 Double Plays, .982 FP

Rollins: 227 PO, 479 Assists, 11 Errors, 110 Double Plays, .985 FP

Rollins is the better fielder.

Let’s go Phillies,

Ed Wade

9:20 PM EDT  
Blogger Big Dog said...

I love when Ed Wade talks about baseball. God I love the Phillies and God I love the Eagles. I just wish the Eagles had the kwan. I like a team that punches you in the mouth and sets the tone on a game in/game out basis. We are an hour or so away from the first pitch and I honestly feel the Phillies can beat any team in a series this post season. Seriously.

2:05 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disappointing phils game today, but not a really bad performance. Rockies pitchers just dead-on, particularly against the top 4. I still believe they have a shot at this series.
Excellent Eagles rant by Bumble, I have one of my own brewing, but I'm going to let it stew a little longer.


6:20 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's why I love this blog, because I can vent from my heart and look back 3 days later and see where I went south. Unfortunately, I don't take a word away from what I said. I just realized this team needs to go 9-3 just to get in the playoffs, but that doesn't matter because New England is playing a different sport than the rest of the league.

I did leave on point out. Reggie Brown sucks. Let's admit it and move on. The man cannot catch.

Tough loss today. Your top 4 go 0 for 16, you are in for a long day. Unfortunately makes tomorrow an absolute must win, but this team has done it before and I am drinking the Kool Aid. Rollins, Utley, Shane and Howard cannot be subdued every day, so when they hit, watch out Rocks.


8:32 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm the silliest optimist in the world, but on top of the general gag I noted toward season's end, Chase Utley's Golden Somrero today concerns me a bunch moving forward. With another left-hander on the hill Thursday, it wouldn't crush me to see Iguchi get a start.

I know, I know...

Ed Wade

9:17 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rats. Next year!

7:06 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The funny thing about Reggie Brown is that Donovan knows it too. First couple games, Mc5 didn't even throw to him in the first half.

- Joe

3:53 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jets comments ????? Anyone ??? Bueller....bueller ???


8:09 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

I think it's best to keep comments to a minimum on this team. Dial the expectations down to zero that way we all might enjoy a potential playoff run in a couple months. Watch them go out and beat the Bears on Sunday and get my hopes up again.

Oh, it was nice to see we do have another starting WR out there besides Curtis.

1:45 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not much to get excited about. A bad team played a bad team and it was a bad game. Luckily their gimpy QB has arm issues while our gimpy QB only has leg issues and we outgimped them. It's so depressing to watch the good teams play and realize the Birds are no longer among them. talent-wise, the Birds are clearly the worst in the division at this point. It happened so quickly it really amazes me. I do like the fact that the D is not giving up TD, but I'm not as wild about them as everyone else because I can't figure out how they're winning when Kearse, Gocong and Gaither are giving them so little that they're basically playing 8 on 11. I think the scondary has really stepped up, the DT are doing a nice job, and Spikes seems to be everywhere. Special teams are a tarvesty with a suddenly mediocre Akers, a piss poor Aussie, and absolutely no return game. the coach is still stubborn, still making the same mistakes game after game, still promising to "do a better job there". No guys, not much to get excited about in this soon to be 6-10 season.


5:58 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bumble -

I'm with you. The Eagles are a mediocre team, and more to the point provide virtually no entertainment. Egad, watching them wallow with the Jets easily made the football fan grasp for better Sunday ideas. When the Patriots/Cowboys game came on immediately afterward it quickly confirmed how dull the Birds really are.

I keep hearing people say "a win is a win." Not for me. My time is precious. If I can't get excited, can't find a reason to turn away from the novel I'm reading, can't get emotionally involved, I'm deprived of what drives me to be a fan in the first place. Losing never bothers me nearly so much as the passion drain the Eagles have become.

I'm hoping things turn around, and I'm hoping they will, but I can't take many more games like I saw Sunday.

Ed Wade

8:18 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. Bumble and Ed Wade I feel your pain. It is time for the fat man to go on his way. He can take his worst coast offense that doesn't need quality wideouts and his inability to learn from his mistakes with him. He can also take his QB who got a $20M signing bonus after LOSING a playoff game with him (that was after loss to Rams the 1st playoff year). I do love watching football, and this year I have already watched and enjoyed several games that did NOT involve the Eagles, so I am still glad that it's football season. The Eagles have a shot to go 2-0 in their next couple games, but what destruction awaits them when they play the Patriots, Cowboys and whoever else can turn their season around before they get us (Saints??). Oh, how far we have fallen !! Blow it up and start rebuilding. Mc5 and Reid do NOT win a Super Bowl. Not in Philly, probably not together somewhere else, probably not ever.


8:49 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This will not be Mean Guy like, but I wanted to show how far the Birds have fallen just in the division as far as talent goes, so I am going to try to do a talent comparison by position. I will try to explain where things look odd, but these are my opinion only. I will start on O.

1. Manning-yes bad with INT and a whiner, but today, he is moving his team better than anyone in the division. He has a strong arm and throws a good ball.
2. Romo-I'm still not sold on him, but he is an athlete who throws a good ball and leads his team.
3. Campbell-This guy's upside is huge. Still prone to mental lapses, but a cannon arm and some wheels.
4. Mc5-when healthy, he'd be 1 or 2, but is not and today he is the worst in the division. Good deep ball, poor touch passes, not a leader, not liked by his teammates (I speculate, but no one defended him in the TO thing, that says something to me).

1. B Wes-best athlete in the division. If he wasn't so fragile he'd be a league MVP. This guy can go for 6 every time he touches the ball.
2. Betts/Portis-both good backs, both tough, but not take it to the house guys like B Wes. Both seem stupid to me, at least Portis with that crazy dress up thing he does.
3. Jacobs/Ward-no matter who the G men line up, they seem able to run the ball. I think Jacobs sucks, but Ward could be the real deal in the B Wes mold if the job was solely his.
4. Jones/Barber-These guys just don't impress me. They don't have the speed to go yard in one run and they really don't scare anyone.

1. Witten-why Dallas doesn't throw to this guy 10 times a game is beyond me. He is the definition of stud.
2. Cooley-Not really the textbook TE, but he can catch and runs well after he does so.
3. Shockey-Most over-rated TE in the league, but his vlocking is very under-rated.
4. LJ-Good bye! A fumble waiting to happen every time he touches the ball.

FB-who cares, but
1. Hedgecock-Great name! That alone entertains me and elevates him to number 1.
2. Sellers-a load who surprises in the open field. Also blocks the blitz well.
3. Tapeh-doesn't do much, but in this horrendous offense, that really isn't his fault.
4. Hoyte-Their running game has regressed, he has to be partly to blame

#1 WR
1. Burress-This guy is on fire right now. Uses that 6'5" frame well and has speed to boot.
2. TO-Still a weapon, but too many drops to be the top dog
3. Moss-speed to burn but always hurt, still a dangerous weapon who must be accounted for at all times.
4. Curtis-Some glimpses of talent, but struggles to break press coverage off the line. In fairness, he is a 3 or a 2 masquerading as a 1 in this sham of an offense.

#2 WR
1. Randle El-A weapon who is becoming a receiver. Very fast and dangerous in the open field.
2. Toomer-old, but still reliable weapon who can catch and score in the red zone.
3. Crayton-talented, coming into his own, a great second option when TO drops too many balls.
4. Brown-yuck. Bad hands, bad routes, just bad.

1. McKenzie-gets the slight nod over Runyan based on being younger and having slightly better feet
2. Runyan-still effective, but speed rushers have been giving him more trouble
3. Wade-Has filled in well for the downed Jansen
4. Colombo-Only OK, has never lived up to his massive hyper.

1. Samuels-has lapses, but the best athlete at the position in the division
2. Adams-has improved the last few years after struggling with speed guys early in his career
3. Thomas-For a big, strong guy, he plays awfully soft at times
4. Diehl-tries hard, but a guard playing tackle

1. Jackson-This may be the most competitive position in the division and I give the nod to Jamal based on his ability to pass block well and oblierate the huge nose guards. I don't blame him for that middle of the line pressure, teams are splitting he and Andrews and the RB have blown many blocks.
2. rabach-A street fighter, this guy keeps Campbell clean up the middle
3. Gurode-solid player, has soem nasty to him
4. O'Hara-to call him a 4 is close to meaningless as any of these 4 could be considered as the top C

1. Andrews. He is playing well and banged up. When healthy, he may be the top OG in the league
2. Snee-Despite being Coughlin's nephew, this guy has made a name on his own. he is nasty and technically sound.
3. Davis-a huge man, a huger bust. If he ever grew a heart, this guy could eat DT for breakfast
4. Fabini-This guy's hairy arms disgust me. He was an average OT, he is an average OG.

1. Kendall-still nasty after all of these years. This guy can still put people on their fanny
2. Herremans-very under-rated Eagle. He run blocks and pass blocks with equal effectiveness.
3. Kosier-nothing special, a decent NFL guard
4. Seubert-he is versatile, but not very good at any specific O line position.

so if you add the scores of all positions (1 being 1 poiint, 2 being 2, etc.), you get the following

G Men-26
Brokeback Mountain Boys-31

so what does this mean? Nothing. I am sure people will say I'm on drugs for ranking the Skins so high, but to me that only goes to show what a poor job Saunders is doing with pretty darned good talent. The Birds have a good O line and RB and pretty terrible skill positions otherwise. The G men and Boys have good passing and receiving talent and only OK lines.

But hey, I could be wrong. Defense to follow.


10:43 PM EDT  

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