Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Links

- john smallwood agrees that the birds should bring back bloom, but he is certain that they won't due to what he thinks is some combination of stubbornness or arrogance

- however, reuben frank says the eagles contacted both mahe and bloom yesterday
The Eagles contacted both Reno Mahe and Jeremy Bloom yesterday but by last night hadn't made a move. Mahe wasn't in a training camp this year. Bloom has been out of work since the Eagles released him on Aug. 31.
- phil sheridan's evolution from rah-rah team supporter to snarky columnist guy continues
Third, and this is the source of real concern, these kinds of performances are coming too frequently to be discounted as mere happenstance. The foggy, uninspired performance against a beatable team is as much a hallmark of the Reid/Donovan McNabb era as the time-out called just before the play clock hits zero.
- i agree with how kevin roberts of the courier-post is thinking about this loss and the special teams fiascos
Reid is one of the best coaches in Eagles history (there are some who would put him at the top of the list, but he really ought to win a title first). He made a personnel mistake, in handing a special teams job to two players who weren't up to it. It is not the first time Reid has made such a mistake, and it won't be the last. NFL coaches, even good ones, make these kinds of mistakes.

But good coaches fix them. Fast.

Here's how it works - the blame for Sunday falls on Greg Lewis and J.R. Reed. They messed up.

The responsibility for fixing it falls on Reid. If it doesn't get fixed, if things don't get right, that will be Reid's fault.
- garry cobb is reporting that the reason westbrook wasn't back to field that last punt was due to fatigue from the heavy workload. i'm a little skeptical since westbrook only ran the ball 20 times and caught 6 passes (though he did have a couple of drops).
I've heard that BWest was spent and fatigued when the Eagles were getting the ball back from the Packers at the end of that game. That's why Andy didn't get into it when asked about it at the Monday news conference. I saw Brian on Thursday going out early to field some punts. I joked with him that he was going to return punts on Sunday because I knew Andy wasn't dumb enough to put Greg Lewis back there.



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