Sunday, February 11, 2007

Value of NFL Players

saw this list of franchise tag values in this len pasquerelli article
Position 2007 franchise charge Change from 2006
QB $12.615 million 43.5%
OL $9.556 million 36.8%
DE $8.664 million 3.7%
CB $7.790 million 32.2%
WR $7.613 million 23.3%
LB $7.206 million 0.5%
RB $6.999 million 15%
DT $6.775 million 19.8%
S $4.490 million 9.3%
TE $4.371 million 31.2%
P/K $2.078 million -15.8%

if we can assume that a) the nfl is a free market system, b) nfl teams understand what it takes to win, and c) nfl teams make rational decisions, then i think this table is about as good an indicator as to the relative importance of a particular position to winning as there is.

this is in-line with a previous post/discussion we had a few months ago (though i can't seem to find it) and the top 4 positions exactly match the way i would rank them based on my observations.

surprises for me:

- DT is ranked much lower than i expected. this is shocking to me actually.

- WR is ranked slightly higher than i expected.



Anonymous Phil said...

Maybe DT is ranked so low because the prevelance of the 3-4 downgrades the need of stud tackles. Might also have to do with general talent levels (i.e. if you're a good big fat guy, why not move to OL and make more money?).

9:05 AM EST  
Blogger Simon said... what about Andy????

12:12 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with you here Pete, DT seems far undervalued as that is the first line of defense vs a strong running attack. And if you can't stop the run, you can't win (see Eagles vs Saints). AND, how is wide rcvr valued higher than RB ?? How many games did we see this year where RB took over the game and won almost singlehandedly, vs WR doing the same ???


10:00 PM EST  

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