Monday, February 12, 2007

Andy Reid Taking Leave and are both reporting that big red is taking a leave of absence from the team, more than likely to deal with the mess that his sons got themselves into. i know that this is going to fuel more speculation that he's going to give up his head coaching duties (which i think is a good strategic move anyway), but if he was going to do that i don't think he'd be the type of guy to drag it out -- especially with draft planning well underway. if there was a chance the team needed to find a new HC, andy would do the right thing.

this does open the door for next season, however. i know one of the local columnists mentioned gruden as a possible candidate (and one who is interested in coming back here). what do people think about that? i have mixed feelings about him. i recall being incredibly frustrated with his offense when he was OC.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thi nk Andy steps away for this quiet time of year and lets his people do their job. He needs to figure out the legal mess his kids are in. I do not think he steps away from coaching. His kids are gorwn men and accountable for their actions. I see Red doing everything in his power to help them, but not stopping his or the rest of his family's life to wait on them hand and foot. He will provide love, doctors, the best lawyers, but if jail or institution time is what results, then he will probably take the angle of so be it. I can see him stepping down only if his wife wants him to do so. At heart, he is a good family man and I truly feel awful for him and his wife. This crap happens to the best of families.

Too bad it had to happen in the most brutal city in America.


9:14 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy definitely coaches this season - he would resign immediately to allow the Eagles as much time as possible to find new coach. After this season, what's going on with his sons will pretty much be decided, so I can't see him stepping down UNLESS his wife requests it, or he believes his younger children need his support to avoid the same issues that plague his older children.
I'm mixed on Gruden -- didn't the Eagles have the #1 offense in the league when he was the OC (the Ricky Watters era). He was magnificent the year TB won the Super Bowl - he handily outcoached Reid in the title game. But his teams lackluster performance in subsequent years make me wonderif he's not what he used to be.....or would he thrive with a better group of players ??


10:29 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Don't suspect Andy is going anywhere. I am not a lawyer, but I would suspect that jail time could be avoided if rehab is agreed to. And yes there are both over 21 so what can Reid do? ground them? He will take some time off and hopefully help work this out...and yes money will help!

8:59 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Well, we finally have some Eagle fodder. What does everyone think of the Eagles off-season plan so far? Well, I don't think what they did with Feeley is a bad thing. First off, Garcia had a nice run but I personally would not want them spending money on him that could be used for other players. I thought he was great for the Birds the final games. But I just don't think he was millions ahead of Feeley and we all know that it would be a controversy with him here. It would. Don is your man. I think Feeley is a decent back-up and I will elaborate on something else in a second.
They are playing hardball with Stallworth and I just don't think that they are wrong for not bucking up to his demands. Again, he is not a guy I want to dump all of my off-season budget into. He spreads the field yes, but is there any reason why Baskett can't? I'm sure TMG will start soon with an off-season shopping list, but if I am the Eagles the 2 guys that I probably would really want to sign are Mikell and Thomas....I would love Hood but he is going to get starter money.

So, how do I think that this is going to play out? They are going to sign Mikell and Thomas, or at least Mikell and hope Thomas doesn't get a huge salary dumped on him. I saw an interview with Morninweg he if you read him and Big Red and Heckert you kind of get an idea of what they like and are going to do...they want a back that can play on the field with Westbrook....I don't know what that means, but I suspect that it means dipping into free agency as they don't have anyone that can do that. Moats is a bust. Buck is damaged goods. Reno is a FA and they need an upgrade at punt returns...Bloom? I don't suspect a huge name, as there aren't many, but a NFL veteran back who can make plays. Offensive line they are set, it doesn't look like they are going to get a receiver, so I think that also are going to try to upgrade at LB and DT. But they also need a SS, in my opinion. Lewis, is the best on the market, but his ship has sailed. I think that they will draft a QB, too. Not in round #1, I suspect an end, or a DB in round #1, but maybe a #2 or #3. TMG, Bumble and Captain...assessments, please.

9:43 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Feeley was the right move for the money.

Definitely a QB late (6 plus), but I think the early picks have to be on DBs. Biggest weakness outside LB on the team right now and we all know LB is not a priority.

I'm a little worried about WR if they let Stallworth walk. not saying they have to sign him, but they'll need to pick someone else up in FA. Iggles can't draft WR and have them contribute in year 1.

10:48 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stallworth added a dimension that will not be replaceable via draft or free agency. That said, Rosensuck wants a deal in the $6 mill a year range and no way, no effing way do you pay a Faberge egg like Stallwroth that kind of cake. He hurts a hammy and misses at least 4-5 games a year. Let San Fran and their $40 mill under the cap overpay him.

Good call on Garcia. Feeley is cheaper, about as talented, and younger. Garcia will get stupid money elsehwere and that team will quickly figure out why he has only been successful in Philly over the last 3-4 years of his career-he needs a great O line and RB to be competitive.

I don't see a lot in the free agent market at LB. That is too bad. I was hoping for at least one upgrade there as they badly need it. I'd like to see them draft a SS to replace Dawk, more CB, another TE (Greg Olsen from Miami is a stud athlete who could replace LJ) as LJ is a free agent next year, a big back (Leonard from Rutgers, Tony Hunt), and several LB types of guys. Stay away from OL and DL. Hope for a return to health from your DL and that the 2 inside guys start acting like adults and playing football.


9:09 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i'll be inactive for another month or so as i'm a little overextended at work.

the birds are rarely wrong (very rarely, probably burgess was their only miss and he had huge injury problems) when they let free agents go. haven't had a chance to listen to them in a while, but i'm sure the radio guys are focused on the wrong things. the eagles have historically made savvy moves for football reasons, not just dollar reasons.

letting garcia go is the right move. i suspect he was just using the birds as leverage to get a better deal as a starter. feeley can do the job (hopefully he won't have to).

some team is going to overpay for stallworth. even when he was healthy, he only ranked as a top 25 wideout in terms of production. do not overpay for this guy. he's fast but his hands are only above average and he is injured all the time.

i don't expect the eagles to be active in free agency, so really i'm sort of biding my time until the draft as nothing has happened to make my change my thinking from where it was a couple of months ago (

"my hope is that the eagles use their first three picks on: LB, SS, CB, won't happen, but that's what i'd like to see happen. then spend money to bring in a real backup running back and blocking tight end. i'd like to see them get another monster at DT, but i think we're all going to have to hope for bunkley to develop. at DE, getting kearse healthy is critical. if he's not progressing, they'll have to replace him somehow. i guess with the draft, but DE has one of the worst hit rates of any position in the draft (case in point - mcturdle).

this team is not far from being a real contender. the pain of this season aside, reid and heckert have done a great job of talent evaluation. this team is littered with draft picks (both high and low) who are playing and contributing. shore up a few areas and get reid some clock management help and i think we're ready for next season."

12:46 PM EST  

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