Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday Links

- mark eckel seems to think that mcnabb may be the one who's going to go and identifies tampa and minnesota as possible destinations

- rich hoffman suspects that the stability of the eagles was one of the factors that pushed parcells to retirement

- the end of this article about steve spagnuolo being named the giants d coordinator mentions that jeff garcia will be a guest on the tonight show

- now that the phils have chase utley locked up, i hope the phils can agree to terms with ryan howard as well. randy miller thinks that howard and his dad want alfonso soriano money, which could make signing him a tricky situation considering his service time.

- andre miller is fitting in nicely on the sixers, which is exactly why he has trade value. get rid of him so the team can continue on its merry losing streak and get greg oden. there has to be some contender out there in need of a lead guard.

- so far so good on the AI/carmelo pairing. sigh. not having to carry the scoring load all by himself, allen shot a respectable 9 for 16 in their first game together.

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Blogger The Big Dog said...

dkhI heard Heckert say that Donovan is the man and he should be...I don't know where Eckel is coming from with this...Garcia had disastrous years with bad teams and I don't see him going that direction...if the Eagles structure a nice contract with a fair salary and good incentives why would he not want to come back, considering Donovan probably won't be 100% until 2008...if this gets ugly, and I hope it won't, I can see the Eagles not re-upping Garcia and just going with Feely as the back-up and maybe bringing back Koy or drafting someone....I hope this doesn't get ugly. There are bigger fish to fry with the defense.

11:09 AM EST  

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