Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stop Winning!

this is horrible. why do the sixers keep winning? the team has dropped to third worst record in the league and the hated celtics have passed us. nothing will be worse than having to watch bill russell II playing for the celtics. gosh, i can't even root for this team to lose and get what i want.


any chance we can get doug moe or gene shue to coach this team?




Blogger Bleeding said...

Yeah this is not good. Oden, Miller, Iggy, Dalembert maybe playing the 4, Korver at 3. That excites me. Don't mess this up!

2:25 PM EST  
Anonymous Tom G said...

It's like they aren't even trying to lose.

7:51 AM EST  
Blogger Bleeding said...

Mike and Mike on ESPN were talking about this today. In the NBA it's better to the worst team in the league than just average. YOu can never escape the middle in the NBA. If you suck completely, you can always get that one guy like Duncan or James that can turn your franchise around.

There should be no doubt even in the minds of the GM and owner that the more the team wins this year the worse off it will be.

2:52 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

That is why the NBA is a joke. It really is. How bad is it that you really root for your team to lose. I can do that...losing is contagious....while I want these guys to get the #1 pick, I can't in good conscience hope that they lose. I was glued to the Cavs game the other night. I was hoping that they won, but I also realize that they need Oden...and unfortunately they either need Oden or 2 other good players. Kevin Durant is good, but he's a 6-9 small forward....I want a 6-9 power forward or Center...if you get Durant, which is also not a lock by any means, then you still need some inside bad is it that this draft, which is touted as loaded...drops drastically off after Oden and Durant. And neither are a lock to come out. Noah...please, he's another Marcus Camby at best. I am sick and tired of 6-7 to 6-9 athletic tweeners who can play, but don't make a solid team. I hate the NBA anymore for this...crappy coaching, piss poor salary agreement making it advantageous to want guys with expiring contracts, players all in the same Barkleys, Jordans, Magics, Birds, Docs or for that matter McHales, Laimbeers, Isiahs, or Artis Gilmore's. I want a back to the basket center, a power forward that can bang, a small forward that can shoot and drive to the basket, a shooting guard and a point guard to QB by f-in' team...and I don't want to be hamstrung for 7 years if I make a talent evaluation mistake!!!!

3:46 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Billy King's fault for picking up Andre Miller in the deal. Miller makes them better, KK would never be hitting 20+ if Miller wasn't creating his shot for him. There was no reason to pick up Miller unless they were planning on moving him. He'll be over the hill when they get around to contending. Billy King can't even lose right.


4:05 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, I too want them to have the best shot at Oden, but I cannot actively root for them to lose. I want to see close games, signs of improvement, and a 2 point loss here and a 5 point loss there coupled with the occasional blowout helps. Hoever, doesn't everybody want to see Sammy D and Iggy and Carney show something? If their improvement means more wins, is that a terrible thing? I am asking as I am torn. I also fear losing a ton, taking 5 steps backwards, and then the ping pong balls don't fall thei way.

I just don't know how to feel about them. If they lose it's great and if they win is that the start of something better long term? Oden alone won't make this team good. The 2-4 year guys need to hone their game big time now.


1:59 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that Raheem Brock is a pretty good DE. But the Birds cut him because they are so stacked at that position.


5:50 PM EST  
Blogger Zach Zawarski said...

I know it kills me to see them win, the Sixers need Oden or Durrant. The more W's the less ping-pong balls. Even if they don't get a top pick in the draft at least they can parlay their 3 picks into something big.

- All Philalphia Sports

10:15 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sixers are now two wins up on the Celtics and the Grizzlies. Billy K should take note: the Grizz are trying to dump the only decent player on their team, meanwhile Paul Pierce and Wally S missed most of January, and the Celts have lost 12 straight. THAT'S how to lose, Billy. Not picking up a veteran point guard to make the random pieces you assembled into an offense.

I hate Billy King. We're going to lose out on Oden AND Durant, and have to watch the chowder heads celebrate on draft day. Because the sports gods haven't been good enough to Boston. And after the draft, when Joakim Noah is wearing a Sixers cap and I'm having flashbacks to the Tim Duncan draft, we'll still have Billy the K.

- Behan

9:14 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

What I find truly funny is that y'all seem to assume that if the Sixers have the worst record then they'll get either Oden or Durant. Wouldn't the past 20 years seem to point to them getting the 3rd or 4th pick? Frankly, the only thing along these lines that has gone right for Philly is us snaggin McNabb in 1999.

While we all want a Championship, at the end of the day we follow sports for enjoyment. Root for what gives you the most enjoyment now, not what MIGHT give you enjoyment in 6 months. Life's too short and this town's too cursed to root any different. Eagles proved this year that we should be rooting for the pure enjoyment of it.

9:05 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

it's just a matter of probability. finishing last gives the team the best chance to win the lottery. not finishing last gives them a worse chance of winning the lottery.

btw - i fully expect the sixers to win the lottery and for oden to decide to stay in college. that would be more painful than simply losing the lottery.

9:13 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello......Hello....anyone ??? Bueller...Bueller ?????
Superbowl, 2 of Reid's kids get busted, Sixers continue to screw it up (by winning). No Commentary ???? Mean guy --- are you in the US ???


8:23 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Thanks, Captain. On a football related note, PSU got zero committments yesterday from S. Jersey. The Rutgers presence and Rutgers recruiting class has really stepped it up. This is bad for PSU and great for Rutgers. Never has a foreign team (PSU and Eagles fan) made me really really look at a them more than Rutgers has over the last 2 years. I am a Rutgers fan and kinda feel dirty.

9:12 AM EST  

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