Friday, January 19, 2007

Big Red Interview

big red was on howard eskin's show last night. i missed it live, but wip has the entire interview on their website (on the right side towards the top).


- 3rd and 1 swing pass to tapeh - mornhinweg and red agreed on the call and it hadn't been stopped all year.

- "i enjoyed having donte here. he did a nice job." - the key word there is enjoyed. may not mean anything, but not a good sign.

- re: juqua thomas - "i'm not real big on losing defensive linemen."

- re: sean considine - normally weighs 200+ lbs, because of surgery played at 190 this year. should be better next year, but projects to FS due to ball skills.



Blogger The Big Dog said...

Don't over analyze, MG....I have learned that....Reid doesn't want to come close gushing over know Rosenpuke will use that to drive up his client's Stallworth and Lewis are both the #1 FAs for their respective positions...further complicating the Stallworth problem. Sadly, I think we are going to lose Stallworth which I don't want to do...we won't overpay him, I suspect. You can only hope he liked being here...the Birds usually like to lock up young players, so let's just keep our fingers crossed on that one....I bet Garcia is back....I think Thomas is going to get overpaid somewhere, which will hurt..

10:02 AM EST  

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