Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kevin Durant vs. Greg Oden

kevin durant is going to be a great player in the NBA someday, one of the best. he is better than KG was at the same point in their careers (if only because he has the killer instinct and alpha dog mentality that garnett lacks), but for me it's still greg oden or bust.


because durant is a face up big man. i don't want a face up big man because they don't win titles.

what this team needs is a back to the basket player who loves playing down low, is a rebounding machine, and is a defensive force. teams built around those types of players win titles. having a face up big man is impressive and enjoyable to watch, but it is a waste of size. there are plenty of guards who have a face up game better than any face up big man.

KG, nowitzki, ewing (yes he played good defense, but on offense he had little post game and played more face to basket), karl malone, david robinson pre-tim duncan, chris webber. titles - zero. all face to the basket guys.

olajuwon, duncan, shaq, kareem, moses, wallace, parish, the list goes on. all of these guys played (or play) a back to the basket game. wallace doesn't have any offensive game, but is under the basket on offensive possessions.

there are only two exceptions -- bill laimbeer (who had a spot up kind of game but the pistons had james edwards at backup who was a back to the basket kind of player, dennis rodman who was a rebounding machine, and mark aguirre who was unstoppable in the post) and the jordan bulls.

so if you are a team that already has a back to the basket center, then i think you can take durant and win... or if you believe durant is the next jordan, then you take him. if not, gotta get oden. face up players win NCAA championships, but post up players win NBA titles.



Blogger The Big Dog said...

if you want to win, you get a back to the basket center....if you want highlight reels and people paying to see your Center, you get face the basket players....I am with you on this MG, a ton....allowing high school seniors to enter the draft has been the downfall of basketball in the country let alone the NBA...what does that have to do with face the basket centers? well, just my hypothesis, but any high school C is not seasoned to play in the NBA because they face no competition worthy enough of getting them everyone wants to be a small forward and have their livelihood based on driving to the bucket...some have done fine...Kobe, King James...many have failed, but the college game at least prepares one for the NBA battles...but since no wants to go to college, there aren't many true college Centers...back to the basket low post men who make their living banging bodies, playing defense, swatting shots, scoring easy buckets on dunks, lay ups, or 5 foot shots, and kicking it out to point guards...there is no conincidence that teams with with the Hakeems, Moses, Russels and Chamberlains win titles....I am old school, but if I am picking up first 2 picks are back to the basket centers and true point win with that combination, everything else is done on necessity.

10:52 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

I don't know basketball (or much care honestly), so this is all for mental stimulation as far as I'm concerned. Questions:

Who has more "upside"? Are their talent levels right now pretty similar (i.e. is it just a question of style)? Character an issue for either? More importantly than all these though based on our runnin Mc5 debate, who's more of a "Philly guy"? Everyone agrees that AI was (however we defined "it"), so which one of these 2 would fit in better? And if Durant is more a Philly guy (hypothetically), should he be picked regardless?

10:55 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Phil, I don't think AI was a "Philly" guy...if you look at my blog posting, I stated that he wasn't....he did have some criteria, such as the hustle and heart, but a Philly guy, IMHO, is a guy that comes to practice (like every other working Joe) and basically keeps their mouth shut and for the most part avoids controversy (exception being to kick teammates in the ass)....Bobby Jones, Moses Malone, Mo Cheeks, and Dr. J were Philly, if you speak up and win, then you are a Philly guy....but if you speak up and lose, forget it....I think my perspective is, it's Greg Oden if you have a choice between the 2....Durant if he's the best this point I just want a freaking parade, though.

11:05 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

My bad. Reading between the lines, I think you're right in that whoever brings home a championship will forever be a Philly guy.

11:10 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

if the sixers get oden, igoudala will become a bona-fide star.

11:14 AM EST  

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