Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bill Simmons Feedback

did anyone read the recent article from the (self-proclaimed) "sports guy?" you know, the one where he goes on and on about the terrible injustices that were perpetrated on his patriots in their game against the broncos? wow.

i run hot and cold with him, but today is definitely cold. very cold. the guy is a weenie, plain and simple. are you kidding me? how could you *possibly* complain about having a terrible call made against the patriots when for 3-4 seasons they've been the most fortunate team in terms of officiating that i have ever seen? this is a joke right?
To my father, who waited 18 hours to call me after Saturday night's crushing Patriots loss, finally calling during the Panthers-Bears game, and then started the conversation by calmly muttering, "Kevin Faulk ruined my winter ... he ruined my winter ... he ruined my whole winter ... "
wah! my team didn't get the breaks this time. waaah!
To me and every other Patriots fan -- we've been walking around like zombies for four days and counting.
oh my gosh. the *horror*. it must be unbearable to see the patriots not win the superbowl.
Hey, we want to seem like good losers -- after all, the Belichick-Brady teams won more than a few games in which they outplayed a more talented team simply by sticking together and not screwing up, and we always bristled whenever the fans from a vanquished opponent played the whole "we gave that gave away, we were better than you" card. At the same time, that was a Hall of Fame "No F-ing Way Game," between the killer turnovers and the consistently ludicrous officiating (did Jeff Triplett bury Ed Hochuli in a shallow grave or something?), only none of us could hit the reset button and start the game over. Unbelievable. I still can't get over it. One of the toughest Boston losses ever. Grace period, schmace period.
so what you're saying is that it sucks to be on the other end of games like when the patriots "beat" the rams in the superbowl? or when the patriots "beat" the raiders in the tuck rule game? or when the patriots "beat" the eagles last year? games where the patriots were outplayed but "won" because of opposition mistakes and/or bad calls? i'm shocked.
Did the Broncos do a terrific job of banging bodies, punishing Brady, avoiding turnovers and taking advantage of mistakes? Absolutely. They were a better football team on Saturday night. But I will go to my grave wondering what would have happened if Kevin Faulking Faulk didn't fumble with 1:54 remaining in the first half. All season long, this Broncos team was fearing a situation in which Plummer had to make plays in the second half to win a game for them. The Pats were one more quarter away from making that happen. And they blew it. Aaaaaaargh. I can't talk about it anymore
...and yet you continue to blather on and on and on about it
I swear, I'm not blaming the officiating for the Pats' loss. Really, I'm not. I know it seems that way ... I just can't handle it when my favorite team gets screwed over by bad calls. For my sake, let's look at the Bailey fumble logically, and only because I slow-mo'ed it on TiVo 345,323 times this weekend before ultimately bludgeoning myself with the remote.
look you puss, i think that was a horrible call and agree completely that it should have been a touchback. that said, the standard is "indisputable video evidence" and based on the replays available, that standard was not met. there was no angle available that showed you exactly where the ball crossed the goal line. deal with it. stop your foul whining. you're worse than my 2 year old daughter.

you're funny most of the time with your "sports guy" schtick, but times like these your whiny, weasely nature shines through and irritates me.



Anonymous thatkidinthecorner said...


Someone needs to make the Sports Guy read TMQ's breakdown of how the Patriots have enjoyed some VERY favorable officiating over the past couple years:

4:51 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

I think this article is Exhibit A in why would should not commit opinions to paper while you are emotional. Think it would probably read different if he'd waited a couple more days.

TMQ remains unreadable for me as I can only read the same article so many time.

1:04 PM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i think this article shows how soft boston fans are. they don't know the meaning of the term "gut punch game".

don't bring up the red sox. while boston fans were "suffering" through the red sox drought, the celtics had two dynasties, the bruins had ray bourque and bobby orr, and the patriots won multiple superbowls. that ain't suffering.

1:10 PM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

Totally agree. How much you want to bet Seahawks wins the Supe this year? While only a 3 sport town, I think Seattle is currently running the longest title drought.

1:19 PM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Hey, isn't Bill Simmons "El Wingador"? Talented guy....writer, truck driver, competitive eater and hot sauce maker

10:47 AM EST  

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