Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday Links

- jack mccaffrey sounds like he's trying to convince himself that AI and c-webb have a shot at doing the highly improbable

- andy denies that TO is going to sit

- the pga tour is trying to nascar-ize their product. for those who don't know, nascar is this organization that gets a bunch of drunken rednecks to drive around in circles for hours on end. the winner is usually the guy who succeeds in remembering to turn left 1000 times in a row. "A player could win all four majors and still not win the FedEx Cup." how dumb is that?

just noticed that i got my first visitor from all hail my alma mater! i'd break out into the school song if i knew it (or was even certain that there was one).


Blogger The Big Dog said...

Finally have a blog account set up. Somewhere else to play besides the Del Val Fantasy Football website

7:33 PM EST  

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