Friday, November 04, 2005

TO Blasts Eagles and McNabb

this is not a recording.... he's less mature than my two year old. after getting a time out, he apologized for yesterday's outburst. i am getting desensitized to his antics (i greeted this latest controversy with a big yawn), but you have to wonder where the birds go from here.

at what point do they just suck it up, take their medicine, and extract this cancer from the team? the continuous distractions and negative vibe from this guy likely has at least some minor negative effect on the team, no? my gosh. is their plan really to carry him for the rest of the season?

the other thing is, i can't believe the self restraint being shown by don right now. i mean turning the other cheek is one thing, but letting someone keep blasting you in the press over and over without response is another. at what point does it morph from "taking the high road" to "showing a fear of confrontation"? at what point does he start losing face with the rest of his teammates? has it started already? is it possible that there is a contingent that sides with TO?

boy, i wish i had access to that locker room.


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