Monday, November 10, 2008

Game 9 Thoughts

we need to discuss coaching and the andy reid era in general, but i'll separate that into its own post.

this one will be solely devoted to the horrible slow death we watched again last night. redskins, giants, pretty much any power running team. the only reason the eagles managed to stay in that game is because of mcnabb. his final numbers weren't terrific, completing less than 50% of his passes, but those were also skewed (once again, sigh) by the number of hideous drops. mcnabb made plays to try to win this game and almost no one else on the team did. if you swapped the QBs, this would have been a blowout win for the giants. mcnabb in his prime with a real running game would have been scary.

- what the fudge jj? against dallas, you leave brian dawkins in single coverage against me-o at the goal line. slant -> TD. last night, you leave dawk in single coverage against burress. slant -> TD.

- bunkley was getting pushed around again last night, but he definitely gave it all he had. i saw pretty consistent effort from him. unfortunately, he's our "big" defensive tackle where on most teams, he'd be the small, quick guy.

- brian westbrook is a spectacular player, but not a great one. great running backs get you consistent yards, especially after first contact. westbrook has gotten bigger and stronger, but he does not gain significant yardage after first contact. since you can stand him up and stop him in his tracks once you get one hand on him, he's not suited to being an every down back. what is leroy hoard doing these days?

- trent cole was literally picked up and thrown to the ground on the third and long play where the eagles forced the first giants punt of the night. literally picked up and thrown to the ground. not by a double team. by one guy. not just knocked off his feet. picked 12-18 inches off the ground and thrown down on his side.

- their starting wideouts are 6-5 and 6-3. our starting wideouts are 5-9 and 5-11. that's not why we lost, but does anyone see a running theme here?

- chris gocong has physical tools, but is still too tentative and doesn't play "downhill". he runs into tackles rather than running through tackles. by now he should be getting more comfortable in this defense. where is the high motor guy we saw in his college films? high motor defensive end becomes tenative linebacker, not a surprise. the giants moved kiwanuka back to d-line as an injury replacement, but also because he sucked as a linebacker.

- this isn't why they lost the game, but in a key sequence of plays. the manning over the los pass was overturned (for people who saw this on TV, was there really indisputable evidence he was behind the line?) , demps was facemasked on the ensuing kickoff but didn't get the call, and jacobs wasn't facemasked on the next possession but that was called.

- anyone else notice that cole hamels came out wearing an aj feeley jersey? burrell came out wearing 5, which makes sense, but hamels chooses 14 over 36 or 20? great pitcher, odd guy.



Anonymous Phil said...

Replays seemed to show his big toes wasn't over the LOS. Close though.

Bumble, it disgusted me to see our D pushed around like that all game long. Looked like they never brought 8 guys down into the box for fear of having Burress beat them. So they got beat by Jacobs instead. JJ's blitzing is counter-productive at this point. Everyone seems to know where it's coming from and getting the ball to whoever Dawk happens to be covering (ex. Burress TD).

36 looked really slow out there last night. No burst. Buck looked quicker than Westbrook. Injuries really seem be hampering him.

3:22 PM EST  

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