Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jamie Moyer!

the combination of a clutch start by jamie moyer and some really good fortune (perfect umpire assignment and a miraculous fly-out that was a home run off the bat) has the phillies leading two games to one in the world series. wow!

how is it possible that they're leading this series when the team is 1 for 953 with runners in scoring position with the 1 being an infield single that didn't actually score a run? that has to be a good sign, right? it can't continue forever.

ryan howard finally starting to look like he's getting his timing back.

jimmy rollins finally starting to take good swings and no longer taking huge off-balance hacks.

carlos ruiz staking an early claim for world series mvp.

keeping my fingers crossed, but things are looking ok so far. i mean, the phillies haven't even played well yet.

i'm not even that upset by the bad call on the crawford bunt because i feel like it only evened out the fact that the rays didn't score two on the longoria non-homer. how the heck did that ball not go out of the park?

three am and i'm too wired to sleep... go phillies!



Blogger Simon said...

2 more games. 2 more games. 2 more games.

6:24 AM EDT  

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