Sunday, November 18, 2007

Game 10 Thought

i only have one thought (a question really) about game 10. why is it that the offense runs the ball whenever there is a QB not wearing a "mcnabb" on his jersey?

does mcnabb have more control over the playcalling that we've been led to believe? can we institute the aj feeley/jeff garcia offense no matter who the QB is? please?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

thought the same thing TMG. Close game until the hogs took over and blew people off the ball. Didn't have to be, but the stable of turds we had throwing the ball today demanded a complete abandonement of a passing game.

One question-why is JJ still employed? A rookie QB and not one sack, not one hurry, not really any blitzes. What exactly was that shitfest of a defensive game plan? This guy has completely lost it. Beck is bright, but it was his first NFL start and JJ allowed him to keep the Fish in the game. That used to be the type of game the Birds would win 30-7 off of turnovers created by sacks and rushed throws. Now, any first time starter wants to play this team. Aside from a nice goal line stand and perhaps the best DE play I've ever seen by Thomas on that 4th down run (as a former DL, that play he made is just mind boggling in it's complexity, DE should not be able to switch direction like that), their D was stinko today. Did Bunkley and Patterson even play?

I love a W and I wish they played anyone else next week to keep the momentum, but the Pats will pop a 40 on them if Mcnabb plays and maybe a 60 if he doesn't...I am not kidding. Friggin' Boston sports teams. Those Massholes don't deserve this much success!


9:54 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

emmm Bumble...they didn't give up a point on defense. I'd consider that a good game plan.


2:56 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

I agree JJ must go, but Simon's right (and this was with "Freak" out of the game due to his rampant suckitude). The problem was the lack of O. I think the reason they run it more when 5 is out is that no one else really kows this offense (largely passing based) besides him. Westbrook rushed it waaaay too many times though (30+) considering the opponent. Where was Buck and Hunt?

A win is a win is a win. . . and they're not going to be close next week.

9:30 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sam Donnellon and Paul Domowitch both had interesting articles addressing this on . It makes no sense at all - a better QB should allow us to have more of a rythem on offense, yet we do not when 5 is out there. Throw in a backup - the defense is aware he's a backup, so it should be even easier to key on Westbrook, yet they still get it done. Wacky.
While the D pitched a shutout yesterday, let's not get all was the Dolphins. JJ needs to go after this year. His scheme is old, his blitzes get picked up like yesterdays garbage, and I am tired of hearing all these TV analysts suck him off every week. Enough already !!
Is it possible that we've all over-valued Mc5 ? Do we really need him to establish a legitimate offensive rythem ? Or is it Andy's fault because as long as Mc5 can walk, we're going to have a 65/35 pass/run ratio ??
More questions :
--Why is Westbrook running the ball 32 times ? Didn't Buck have a 100 yard game this season ?
--Why is LG Smith still on the roster? He's either injured, or not playing to the level we want/expect. I'd happliy take Schobel or Celek in his place, they couldn't do worse.

I will root for us to beat the Patriots, that's why they play the games. But if it turns into a blowout, then it needs to be embarrasing. Don't give me 42-14, or 48-21. Either win it, or get slaughtered 74-10.


1:28 PM EST  
Blogger Colin said...

You will see McNabb with the Garcia / Feeley offense soon, it will be called the 2008 Minnesota Vikings.

3:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"i only have one thought (a question really) about game 10. why is it that the offense runs the ball whenever there is a QB not wearing a "mcnabb" on his jersey?"

I'm beginning to think this is a moot point. For good or ill (I think everybody knows where I stand on this), I think it's pretty obvious that we're seeing the end of the McNabb era.

I hope Kolb is as good as Andy thinks he is, because he's going to have some rather large shoes to fill when Don moves on.

We like to complain in this city, but I feel like we've been pretty lucky to have Randall and Don in recent history. Maybe Kolb can succeed in this Mickey Mouse offense.

I don't mind seeing the passing as much as some others here. I just wish when we threw the ball, we threw it downfield. If you're throwing screen passes and dinks all day long, you might as well hand the ball off, especially when you have a massive line and an incredible running back. The completion rate on the handoff is pretty high.

I watched Romo and Brady throw the ball downfield yesterday. It was damn entertaining and also damn productive. The Eagles are Somenex. I wish we were turning the page on Andy and not Donovan.

How many days until baseball season?

Ed Wade

7:06 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They didn't give up a point on defense to the worst team in the league...yay! That's like saying someone is the tallest midget. They should've crushed that team like an ant and they didn't, primarily because they generated no pass rush and no shot at turnovers against a rookie QB making his first ever start. Come on Simon, set your bar a little higher big guy.


8:45 PM EST  
Blogger Simon said...


let me clarify. I am not defending the overall state of the defense. They have been getting worst for a couple of years now and JJ's schemes have been getting picked apart more and more.

That said: these were the Dolphins with a terrible offense, so you do not NEED to go after the QB and risk big plays. You play it as straight up as possible, let them make mistakes and win the game.

Therefore, all I am saying is that you cannot fault him for that gameplan against the Dolphins. Its exactly what you want to do! The defense, after all, did pitch a shut out.


3:00 AM EST  
Blogger Big Dog said...

Simon, not to be Ron Jaworski, but you are so wrong. You have to go after a rookie QB. You have to blitz. You have to make it seem like he's playing in traffic. The game MUST look like it's going 95 miles an hour. You can't let a crappy team like that stick around, which they did. Yay, they pitched a shut out and Juqua Thomas and the D made a great goal line stand. And overall they played well. That Takeo Spikes TD defenisve play was also awesome. They played the absolute wrong scheme against this team. You force Beck to throw the ball up. You don't want to go after a Brady. That is when the blitz gets picked up and he shreds your safety who is man to man against Moss...or your LB who is man to man against Wes Welker. No sir. They needed to pressure the Fins and Johnson's scheme sucked. Big Time.

9:08 AM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...

Wait....the complaint is that JJ's blitzes are too predictable...and now you'rem criticizing him for not blitzing in a predictable situation?


The defense pitched a shutout. Period. End of story. There should be no complaining about the play of the D this week.

The offence, on the other hand...

9:47 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm. OK, let's see what JJ does against a team that will post a 60 on him thsi week if they feel like it. Not only won't he pressure Brady, he won't do anything surprising or shake up the Pats rhythm at all, he'll just accept the beating and let the Pats ram the ball down their throat all night. This pitched a shutout talk is missing the point-were you ever comfortable on Sunday before 2 minutes elft in the game vs. an 0-9 team? You need to crush that team, not let them hang around. Agree to disagree.

Now hopefully we can agree that their special teams now suck.


9:56 AM EST  
Blogger Steve72 said...

Special teams suck.

Offense is blah, except when Westbrook has the ball.

Defense has been playing above itself all year, and is undeserving of criticism, when there are two perfectly valid targets just above.

To me, the Pats game can only prove good things. If they get blown out by 50....well, so has everyone else (except the Colts). If they keep it close, that's a serious accomplishment.

10:29 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

Defense has been playing above itself all year, and is undeserving of criticism, when there are two perfectly valid targets just above.

the defense played ok (not great) in this game, but has been somewhat inconsistent this year. consider the 98 yard drive by the brian griese led bears and the inability to cover me-o.

there are two fundamental things that have been bothering me about the defense:

- the slow evolution of the eagles from an aggressive, turnover generating defense that peaked circa 2002 to the current bend but don't break give up yardage but not points defense that we're seeing today

- the predictable nature and timing of jim johnson's blitzes

could be that point two is the cause of point one (wonder if jj is blitzing less than usual?), or that the players aren't as good as they were before (possible), or that the game has caught up to jj (possible).

whatever it is, i understand where bumble is coming from overall on the defense's performance but agree with simon and steve72 that the bottom line is still a shutout by the defense.

11:10 AM EST  
Blogger Simon said...

Bumble, I am not saying that they will do well against the Pats or that JJ has done well all year.
Simply made the argument that against a team that is so incredibly not dangerous you don't want to give them a chance for a big play (which blitzing does).

For the Pats:
Personally I'd mix it up a lot. Zone, blitz (not all out). What did the Colts play against them?


11:11 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree on the Pats-you cannot blitz willy nilly because Brady will just kill you and the O line picks up everything. I'd keep Gocong in and turn him loose a bit to blitz in different gaps almost every play-something they haven't done all year. I'd try to cover the RB out of the backfield with Spikes-a grotesque mismatch for the Pats and I'd try to keep the TE covered with Gaither-sort of his specialty. I'd play Brown on Welker man up as Welker scares me more than Moss in this particular game, Lito on Moss with Reed over the top and try to bump the hell out of Stallworth off the line and hope he gets thrown off pattern because you're left with no one to really cover him. truth be told, they just don't have the horses to cover this team. To beat the Pats, your front 4 needs to apoply a ton of pressure and the Birds haven't done that at all of late vs. far inferior O lines. Ouch.


4:33 PM EST  
Blogger Simon said...

Pats game will be very tough. I agree on your assessment, especially the bumping of Stallworth. I would also try to do that to Moss and Welker as long as they are not in motion. The key is to disrupt the timing as much as possible.
I also still don't believe that the Pats can play with this intensity all year. It's amasing.


2:59 AM EST  
Anonymous Phil said...

After the fact, it looks like JJ played a lot of 3-4 (which he never does) and blitzed A TON. Both to good effect. Now who do we pick as the scapegoat?

11:46 PM EST  

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