Monday, October 22, 2007

Done with Andy Reid

andy reid is dead to me. while i still dispute bumble's notion that the team is lacking talent, i'm done with andy reid the coach. d-u-n.

i'm sick of his playcalling mix
i'm sick of the worst coast offensive
i'm sick of his press conferences
i'm sick of the horrible clock management
i'm sick of jim johnson
i'm sick of charles johnson and torrance small
i'm sick of small, quick guys
i'm sick of slant passes
i'm sick of blown timeouts
i'm sick of playaction passes to the running back
i'm sick of laughing and joking on the sideline after a horrible series
i'm sick of the injury brothers at QB and RB
i'm sick of hearing about andy's punk kids
i'm sick of being BYU east
i'm sick of wasted sundays
i'm still sick about january 12, 2003

winning doesn't cure all ills, but it certainly makes dealing with a generally unentertaining product more palatable. not sure if that's enough anymore. even if they do turn it around and make the playoffs, it's hard to get behind this team. it's just not likeable or entertaining enough.

much like recent phillies teams excluding this season's edition, i find this eagles team to be a heartless and lifeless snooze fest.



Anonymous Phil said...

I am so tired.

10:39 AM EDT  
Blogger Big Dog said...

The Fat Lady has just sung and I love her sweet soprano....I just don't that I can bear this's officially time for a purging and a change....I think that you have 3 options
1. Ignore it, which is what Lurie probably will do.
2. Bring in Marty Schottenheimer or Bill Cowher or a proven experienced coach...won't happen.
3. Bring in a young hungry coach and a competent GM...not going to happen.

They are heartless and beaten. Thereby making Sundays dreadful and Mondays worse. No dog left, inadequate resources and tired coaching. Reid could pick up, go to a struggling team and turn it around, but for god sakes, I can't take this.....I need a change

11:03 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

2. Bring in Marty Schottenheimer or Bill Cowher or a proven experienced coach...won't happen.

neither of these guys is an upgrade over andy reid. reid is much better than schottenheimer and cowher has similar game day brain cramps.

11:09 AM EDT  
Blogger Colin said...

Ron Rivera. This team needs a physical edge they've been losing as the Rhodes players are cut, one by one. Bring in a guy who will make this team hit again.

12:29 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should have sold our Eagles/Dallas tix before yesterday...........

Well, at least I have the Flyers to enjoy this year.

- Joe

12:40 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

The problem is you CAN'T blow the team up. Unlike other sports, you can't make wholesale changes to the roster without ending up like Washington with no depth.

Cower and Schottenheimer wouldn't be any better than Reid, though I like the Rivera idea as he was already a coach here a couple years ago.

12:58 PM EDT  
Blogger Dan Naylor said...

TMG< i agree with you. Big Red jumped the shark yesterday. Ultimately i think the family distractions were too much, in terms of how his players looked at him. For me, one of the most telling comments came on one of those silly comcast shows where Hugh Douglas pointed out that in the old days, the Eagles could cut someone in their prime and get away with it. Newer players have seen the whole cycle, basically locking someone up for under their value, and cutting them the minute their value falls below their contract. Newer players wont lay it on the line the same way the old guard did.

Even more maddening, you truly have to blow up the whole team almost if you blow up big red. Our #2 QB is a guy that no one else would have thought of drafting in the 2nd round. Our wideouts are only Big Red kind of guys, our O-Line is nasty, but is perfectly suited to the scheme we are in now. We dont have a true power back (unless Hunt comes good), and we don't have Linebackers that can play for the most part. The defense was custom build for JJ, and the Offense for Andy Reid. A new coach could come in, see there is talent, but odds are it wouldnt come close to fitting whatever system they bring in.

And therein lies the problem.

I actually miss the team from last year. At least we lost in a swashbuckling fashion, putting it up deep with abandon, giving up big plays in equal amounts. Now we look like a bunch of sissies.

4:28 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been down on Mc5 all year, but I have shifted my venom to Reid and I will agree with TMG that the dearth of talent at this key position makes me want to scrap Reid and crew and bring ina coach who doesn't do Worst coast but instead puts Don ina position to throw deep balls, scramble, or improvise. He ahs no touch pass, so stop making him throw it. I'd rather keep a top 10 QB than a bottom 15 coach.

If you tweaked, you could be competitive next year. Good bye to kearse and Howard. busts both of them. Grab a DE via free agency who is a run stuffer stud for a change and hope Juqua and Trent and Victor can generate some rush. Good bye dawk. Love you, but don't risk your health. Draft nothign but fast guys in the secondary and LB or target nothign but that in free agency. Goodbye every WR not named Kevin Curtis, make him a 2 or 3 and get a burner back. Still cannot understand why they let Stallworth go. Good bye LJ, hope Celek can be the man, and look to pick up a blocking TE via free agency. Look for a return man who can both catch and return. I'd also look for someone to spell Westbrook who can show some nifty cuts.

O line is OK, Runyan will retire, get justice ready. You're Ok there. DT is fine, CB is OK.


5:30 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

Bumble, I disagree that this team isn't competitive. They're a botched punt and 1 effing defensive stop from being 4-2. They're just not winning the close games and that comes down to coaching.

Stallworth was let walk because he's an injury risk. Just because he's still playing doesn't mean he'll be playing in January. We'll see. Pats definitely show you what a team can do when it has sme decent WRs. Frankly, the Eagles have shown that in the past as well when TO and Stallworth was here. And that's the biggest issue and directly related to coaching. Get 5 some more help outside and this team is back to a top 3 O.

6:23 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I want to believe you about this being a competitive team. The Eagles have had some close calls and it's easy to find silver rays and some good excuses. I see your point. But in the NFL good teams find ways to win games and mediocre teams find ways to lose them. It's always been this way. The vast majority of games are decided by a few big plays, turnovers, dropped passes, etc. This isn't college football. Every team has great athletes and belongs on the field. You understand the kind of thing I'm talking about.

I happen to agree that a few playmakers could change things dramatically. One of my biggest fears, however, is that Andy Reed doesn't seem to like playmakers, or more specifically, he isn't inclined to make allowances to accomodate the egos playmakers bring with them.

Try to imagine TO on this team. He's a pest to be sure, but he's a productive pest. Wait...we've already done that.

Try to imagine Chad Johnson or Randy Moss on this team. Reid couldn't handle even thinking about it. The Patriots? Sure, they'll grab a guy like Randy Moss or Cory Dillon in a heartbeat. They set guidelines for them and don't get overwhelmed by confronting different personality types. They don't invent issues to address or fret about.

There's a part of me that believes Andy Reid would rather not have Stallworth, TO, Moss, Johnson or similar around, because their presence might make him rethink the effectiveness of his precious and silly little offense, the one he's carried around in his head for fifteen years, the one that never changes or adapts, the one that DOESN'T need special players.

Reid is a boring guy. He dreams about cheesburgers and 4 yard dink passes thrown from one (replaceable) "character" guy to another.

Andy will never lack for another NFL job. Can you imagine his pitch to another NFL owner? "With my system, you can win with any players. Don't worry about signing anybody who might rock the boat or demand high pay. We can be competitive every year if you follow my plan. You can fill your stadium every week."

Forget about how we could be 4-2 with a couple of good breaks. Even at 4-2 we'd be boring, predictable, and in no position to win a meaningful game against a good team.

The West Coast offense (absent a play making deep threat) SUCKS.

Do the Eagles even try to throw the ball downfield anymore??

Entertain me, dammit! Gosh, I miss Buddy Ryan.

Ed Wade

9:03 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot even respond. Ed that is on your greatest hits list. That said everything I am thinking better than I could say it.

Phil you are a cock eyed optimist and I dig that about you man, but you are a knowledgeable football fan who presumably watches other games. As I watch the divisional games, and I see Buress catch a long TD every week making a stiff like Eli look good, or I see Witten and Owens catching TD every week making a stiff like Romo look good, or I see Moss, Cooley and Randle El catching Td every week making Campbell look adequate, I get envious. Don't you? Don't you hate getting beaten ugly on national TV a la Dallas 2005, Seattle 2005, Giants 2006, Giants 2007, Bears 2007? I hate that feeling-the feeling like the rest of the league is laughing at you and your Keystone Cops squad of misfits.

When I discuss lack of talent in the division, it's really about 2 positions to me-WR and DE who make plays. We have none of either (don't give me Trent Cole. He hustles but as many pressures he gets, he gets pancaked). Those 2 positions can really make a game exciting because you can score or generate turnovers. The Birds dink, dunk and grind all game. That is OK for college basketball on teams full of white guys like Duke, but that is not OK for a fat guy like me who'll never catch a bomb or sack a QB. Maybe I take it too personally, but I can catch a 5 yard out, I can get blocked on my ass like the Birds DE. I cannot do the things that TO and Yumeniora do, and that makes me envious and resentful for the mess I'm forced to watch each week. Othe rfat guys in other cities get to watch their team do things they can never do. I cannot.

Man I need some sleep. that was pretty odd as far as rants go.


11:27 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

Ed and Bumble, I get you. I am 110% on board with getting some top-flight WR back onto this team. It's needed with 36 in the line up and would be vital if Westbrook goes down and we're forced to run Buck and Reno 30 times a game (shudder, shudder, cringe).

I'm also on board finally with getting rid of Reid. Part of me thinks he might be able to turn it around (think Cowher in PIT), but part of me is pretty sure he won't. I am terrified of who we might get to replace him though, especially with all the Gruden chatter out there.

I will strongly disagree with you on the boring vs. winning aspect of football though. I watch the Eagles to see them win games and hopefully (eventually?) a Superbowl. I'll take that over an exciting 6-10 team every year. You are what your record is, not how flashy you are doing it.

9:59 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

"Honestly, how many games can the Eagles play where they are slightly above-average and lose by a small margin?"
- Schatz, FO

6:03 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You are what your record is, not how flashy you are doing it."

The Eagles are 2-4. And they're boring. Enough said.

8:25 PM EDT  
Blogger Simon said...

Wow, I can"t believe I am actually going to say this, but O agree with the anti-Reid sentiment, but for a different reason.

I don't understand why they cannot run the ball at least 50% of the time and then go deep. Run the freaking ball. They are 3rd in rushing average 4.9 yards per attempt, but have run the ball only 159 times. Take a guess who is first...NEW ENGLAND with 224 (OK, might have something to do with the number of plays they have run, but still).

And they haven't even been behind that much this season or by huge margins. RUN THE BALL.

This is also why I would bring in Cowher as the next coach.

11:08 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is how bad it's gotten. 6:00 Sunday after a road win, and nobody has anything to say. I agree.


5:58 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haven't seen any action here this week, but let me pose this, was anyone else furious when McCoy got cut. I know some idiots were probably snickering that he got axed for a cheap shot on the Vikings punter, but not me. No i wanted to punch Reid in the mouth for blowing yet another high draft pick on a crap player no one else wanted. Just makes my point further about how poorly he's drafted the last few years.


2:15 PM EDT  

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