Friday, October 27, 2006

Whither Westbrook?

i found a couple of things interesting about don banks' analysis of the 2002 nfl draft on

1) despite being one of the most exciting and game breaking players to come out in the 2002 draft, there is no mention of brian westbrook anywhere in the article

2) in a draft that had more than its fair share of busts, the eagles were able extract lito, sheldon, michael lewis, and westbrook. we knew it was good work by the eagles -- hitting on all four of their top picks -- but now that we can look after the fact and factor in the overall quality of the draft, it makes it appear even more impressive.



Blogger Corey & Carson said...

I'm glad to have Westbrook on my fantasy team!

8:04 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Banks doesn't mention alot of good players from that draft. Peppers, Freeney, Levi Jones. Sure there were a good number of busts, but there were some great players in there also. 36West is right up there, he and Tiki have been the best two backs in the league so far.


11:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eagles epilogue:

Drops and dumb-ass penalties. Has this mediocre and boring team finally stopped listening to Andy Reid? What does today's performance tell us about the coach's ability to motivate? What does it tell us about the character of the team's key players?

Bad loss. Bad season.

4:19 PM EST  

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