Thursday, October 26, 2006

Screaming A Showing Some Remorse?

i guess in his sneaky kind of way, screamin' a is showing some remorse for being me-o's local mouthpiece through the ridiculousness last season.
Brown asked: "Whose manhood was questioned? Whose blackness was discussed on air? In columns?"

For that, I was rendered speechless.
well that's a first. hopefully some of it was some recognition that he was part of the lynch mob rather than being a journalist.
"What he did was almost destroy Donovan's ability to reach outside of just coming back this year and proving he can play football. Donovan was headed into another direction as a spokesperson, as an example for this whole damn country. Now he's just a football player trying to prove himself again because Terrell had us all looking at [what's wrong with] Donovan. So maybe Donovan is messed up, too.

Here's hoping he's not.

At least that's what we all want to believe.
"oh sh*t, jim brown is telling me that BS set all blacks back. hopefully no one remembers that i was an active participant."
Yet when listening to Brown, perhaps it's worth reflecting on the past one more time - what McNabb truly went through and what damage was done to him.

We can say it's nothing. Certainly nothing he won't overcome. But how can we ever truly know if we're not inside his soul, absorbing the wounds that were caused by one man's selfishness and a society's penchant for turning the other cheek on such matters?

Perhaps someone will have that answer someday.

I wish it had come sooner.

I'm sorry it didn't.
pffht. what a smuck.



Anonymous Phil said...

I've tuned this guy out just like Easterbrook. Same schtick, different day. Man I wish Bill Lyons hadn't retired. That guy was great.

12:55 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Phil. Lyons WAS great once upon a time. The last several years, however, he rested on reputation and a cute writing style. The "you wake up wondering" schtick grew a little old, didn't it?

At least he was significantly better than Frank Dolson, who wrote variations on the same three themes day after day...

Oh no, Frank, not another story about a "little guy," or how things used to be.


10:15 PM EDT  

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