Sunday, September 17, 2006

Game 2 Thoughts

i'm still in shock over the indescribably horrible tragedy that took place at the linc today. i had a whole laundry list of good things to discuss and random things i noticed about the game, but meh, who cares about those things now? how could this this game have ended in a loss. it's almost impossible? has there ever been an eagles collapse bigger than this? at least it wasn't in the playoffs like the way the giants collapsed at san fran a few years back, but that still little solace. there is a lot of blame to go around in a loss like this:

- michael lewis. bites hard on a play fake on the giants' first drive and gets burned for the first TD of the game. it looked like they were in a cover 2, so lewis had deep responsibility. there is no excuse for that.

- fargin drops! what was with the drops? schobel, brown, tapeh multiple times, stallworth, lj. can't win a game with so many friggin drops. especially on the last drive for cripes sake!

- fumble recovery in the end zone. lucky play for the giants. it was unfortunate that michael lewis couldn't bring it in, but it was a huge momentum changer.

- the drive that ended with mcnabb throwing it out of bounds on 4th and 1. how could it come to that? how can you not attempt a run on 3rd and 1? or 4th and 1? RUN THE BALL YOU FAT F*CK!

- some people are going to point to the 4th and 1 that the birds went for and buckhalter got stuffed as a bad call. i agreed with the call and would have gone for it there as well. it's unfortunate that buck got stuffed, but still a good call. the giants ended up punting on the ensuing possession anyway.

- JJ has no answer for covering short. the giants adjusted at halftime and started eating up the birds underneath, and JJ didn't adjust accordingly.

- westbrook fumbles. egad.

- o-line got stuffed in the second half. andy tried to run and the birds kept getting stuffed at the line.

- can't fault akers for missing a 49 yarder, but turns out it was a difference in the game.

- how can trent cole take a taunting penalty at that stage of the game? i didn't see it since i was at the game, did he actually do something? can anyone describe?

- the referrees were AWFUL. lots of missed calls for both sides all game, especially offensive holding.

- how many freaking times is andy going to call tapeh's number? he did finally make a catch, but you had to throw it to him 5 times to finally get that catch.

- why is it that our d-line with its vaunted depth looked gassed at the end of the game, but the giants d-line was fresh enough to stuff the birds at the line?

- this game is a perfect example of why westbrook is *not* a franchise back. you cannot grind out the clock with him lining up in the backfield. he's a feast or famine type player and what you really is a guy who always gets you at least 3 yards.

- losing rod hood to injury was huge. the game changed when he left. hope his injury is not serious.

ugh. this is going to be a miserable week.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw a lot to be positive about. The QB looked great, they have the ability to hang with the best in the NFC, they can put pressure on QB, the shut down Tiki.

But I am a glass half empty guy today, and I'm laying 100% of this loss at Andy's feet. He played not to lose in the second half, plain and simple. I knew the game was over after the G men get the Mother Theresa break and score on that fumble in the end zone. Birds get the ball back at the 10 minute mark of the 3rd quarter, they punt at the 8 minute mark. Momentum gone. Why did that happen? Because he got away from the no huddle, from smart play calling, from anything resembling a game plan. Let's consider how this went south.

Going on 4th and 1 at the 40 was a punt situation. Bury the G men there...or take your 230 pound QB up the gut for a yard. Not that slow developing slop you called. In the end it doesn't matter. If the vaunted Shaun Andrews and Runyan cannot open 3 feet of space, then you aren't a good team.

What the eff was he trying to do in the second half on O and D? Seriously, when they needed to grind out the running game, he's throwing or tossing empty or one back sets. No chance of grinding the clock with that.

The Birds secondary absolutely blows. BLOWS! They cannot cover a soul. Teams will pass ad nauseum on them all year. How else can you explain 8 sacks and a loss? They made Eli look like Montana today. Get used to it Birds fans because teams will throw on them like this each week. Suddenly Antonio Bryant looks like a threat next week.

Blitz? Anyone? Blitz in the second half? manning is good enough to pick you apart with 7 seconds to throw. He is not when on the run avoiding the blitz as he was all first half. Why change that plan at all?

In the end Johnson and Reid got badly outcaoched. I have no clue who this team is after 2 weeks and I have doubts they win on that west coast trip next week. This isn't a rookie team and coach, these are veterans. You cannot blow a 17 point 4th quarter lead! That tells me they have no leaders, no ass kickers who demand everyone calm down/wake up when you feel the momentum unraveling. I plan on not watching next week, my heart cannot take this crap.

Last point, I am losing faith in Reid as a coach. He is horrible in tight games. I cannot remember him ever leading them to a W against a team they shouldn't have beaten. We've seen his best and it just isn't good enough. He's good at running the business that is a football team, but he is a terrible tactical coach. That game should've vaulted them to a 12-4 type season. instead they are 0-7 vs. the last 7 NFC East teams and on the road to a 9-7 season.

I haven't been this furious at everything Eagles in years. They showed no heart, no balls, no leaderhsip today. Disgraceful.


9:37 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still distraught over this loss. That slob of a head coach blew the game. He just sat back and changed what was working because he's scared to win a game that he isn't supposed to win. I am oficially off that turd's band wagon. I may start up a site. We have seen his best, it's not good enough, time to move on. Today told me everything I ever need to know about his strategizing and adjustments. If winning a Super Bowl is the goal, then the wrong guy is in charge. If winning Wing Bowl is the goal, then maybe he's your man.


11:40 PM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

I don't know if there is a time in my history of fan-dom that I have been this upset. This is actually worse than the Eagles play-off loss to Tampa Bay a few years ago and the loss to Atlanta in the 1978 Wild Card. I am drained. One game shouldn't do this to me, but this one has. I am going to Hershey Park for next week's game and now I am not that upset. The wheels fell off and how can you lose this game? It defies logic. You get outcoached by Tom Coughlin? It defies logic, this was a game that went from near domination to a f-in' loss. The venom is still in my veins, but Reid needs to completely shoulder this loss. This game showed everything that was good and bad about this team. Don is great and that is the only thing I get out of this game. They do not have a NFL caliber run-game. Westbrook is nothing better than Dave Meggett, who was great but a third down back. They did not close the deal and good teams do. Reid has done a miserable job evaluating the running game. Again. Just like the loss to Dallas and Denver last year, I really question his head coaching abilities. Teams just throw on them at can they lose this game? This is disgraceful. Both O and D collapse? They are going to get killed on WIP and should. Reid should not spend anytime at home this week. I've seen the future, and it's this crap. Reid is stunting Donovan's growth. Johnson and Reid both. But more so than anything, they got outcoached but Tom Coughlin. I think the Reid era is over for me. I need a break. With the right guy in charge we could probably win quick. He's dead to me. It's over...

3:02 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:38 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK guys, saw the entire collapse, but CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what happened. They relaxed, plain and simple. They thought the game was in the bag after the successful 3rd qtr drive, Reid even admitted as much.

Lets keep things in perpective, because even with all that crap, the Giants would not have come back if Bwest doesn't fumble and the Michael Lewis learns how to fall on a ball.

Also, they got burned every time they blitzed at the end. All the big pass play came on a blitz, even the OT TD.

And just to reinterate, they DOMINTATED for three quarters!!! If you ever think Coughlin is a better Coach than Reid, be a Giants fan!


9:16 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had to post again:

I am much more upset and you alls reaction after one fucking loss than the way the team played.

Calm down. This loss showed them that they have to play hard the entire game and that's about it.

Next week they will hang 50 on the 49ers and all is good again.


9:19 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Sorry Simon I don't agree with you at all. This loss exposed something that I touched on last year. I don't think that the house has fallen down....I think that they will pick it up, win next week and still probably be 10-6....however, this has showed me something in Reid that is fundamentally flawed. You are dead wrong, i'm afraid.

9:28 AM EDT  
Anonymous Free Agent Josh parry said...

This is actually worse than the Eagles play-off loss to Tampa Bay a few years ago

No it isn't, because that game never f*cking happened.

9:33 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

Blitz? Anyone? Blitz in the second half?

they couldn't blitz because hood got hurt. the spent the rest of the game rolling coverage to hanson's side.

9:43 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how you can never question Andy Reid in this town. I still cannot figure out why people blindly follow his every move and support him after disastrous decision making week in and week out. The guy is an average NFL coach. No more, no less. He is the Charlie Manuel of football. He'll get you close, but he will never slam the door closed. I'm a jerk and I should become a Giants fan because I dare to question Andy Reid for making the same stupid decisions and doing the same exact things after 7 years. Isn't there a saying "if you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got"? They never got a Super Bowl ring, so why keep doing the things that didn't get you that ring?

I know, why don't I become a Giants fan. heaven forbid I dare to question the great and powerful Oz.


10:52 AM EDT  

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