Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Eagles Fans Rank 3rd in Loyalty

according to the american city business journals, the eagles rank 3rd in fan loyalty among the 32 nfl teams.

a description of their methodology here.

here are their full rankings:

Rank Team
1 Cleveland Browns
2 Kansas City Chiefs
3 Philadelphia Eagles
4 Green Bay Packers
5 Dallas Cowboys
6 Buffalo Bills
7 Houston Texans
8 Denver Broncos
9 Baltimore Ravens
10 Washington Redskins
11 New York Giants
12 Carolina Panthers
13 Miami Dolphins
14 St. Louis Rams
15 New England Patriots
16 Detroit Lions
17 San Francisco 49ers
18 New York Jets
19 Minnesota Vikings
20 Cincinnati Bengals
21 Pittsburgh Steelers
22 San Diego Chargers
23 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
24 New Orleans Saints
25 Indianapolis Colts
26 Jacksonville Jaguars
27 Chicago Bears
28 Tennessee Titans
29 Seattle Seahawks
30 Arizona Cardinals
31 Atlanta Falcons
32 Oakland Raiders



Anonymous Phil said...

Biggest surprise has to be Seattle's vaunted 12 man at 29th. That's it? No wonder they lost that lawsuit. Also would have thought the Raiders would have been a little higher.

2:03 PM EDT  
Anonymous me-was said...

Shakey methodology. All the Eagles fans needed to rank higher was a weaker record. They stack the stadium no matter how many they win.

Too bad they didn't track the number of assanine calls to WIP or the number of imbeciles who chant E-A-G-L-E-S at Phillies games (or movies, or weddings...)

2:19 PM EDT  
Blogger JB said...

I think it's odd that they use how pathetic the team has been as a big part of the gauge as to who is most loyal.

5:32 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

I think that makes total sense. It's much harder to be loyal to a perenial 4-12 team (TB/ARI historically) than say the 49ers or Dolphins. They're not attempting to see who has the biggest bandwagon afterall.

7:36 PM EDT  
Anonymous me-was said...

My point, Phil, is that the Eagles fans would have shown up regardless of the team's record. Hence, if the team hadn't performed so well as it had during the last several years, the fans would have ranked higher, even though this wouldn't mean in reality that they were either more or less loyal. Make sense?

9:34 PM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

I think that it is pseudo-flawed logic as well....I am sure Cleveland fans are great and I used to deal with colleagues who lived in Kansas City and they were huge fans....everybody and I mean everybody is a Chiefs fan, but there is nothing else to do there. I think that it is kind of that way here, too. The reason why I personally think Eagles fans are better is this: I think, through observation, that Eagles fans are Eagles fans, not football fans....a lot of fans, not all. Yes, we show up no matter what (except for when we used to play the f-in' Cardinals), and it is personal to us....when we lose it is like a personal attack on the person, not a team loss...the Giants beat you as well as the Eagles. Chiefs fans were more objective...for example if they lose, it stinks but it's a team loss....a couple of years ago the Chiefs went from undefeated for half of the season to not making the play-offs...my colleagues were like "too bad, they should have done better"....here it would be closer to utter disdain and like you lost a close family member...in my opinion

9:22 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

Dog, I'm not disagreeing with ya, but how do you measure that? Think the primary flaw with this study is it only factors in stadium attendence (which is why they have to put such a huge weighting on size of city, etc.). Better way would probably be to measure stadium attendence and TV market share. Frankly, I'm not sure there's much difference between being 1 or 3 in this type of study. Just being at the top should reinforce that we have passionate fans (for good and bad).

8:46 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Phil, I totally concur with you...it is so subjective. The only anecdotal evidence that I could possibly add to this is my personal experience. Albeit brief and focused on a sample size of maybe 100-200 people in a specific industry (the industry I am in has a pre-requistite 140 IQ and mandatory membership in MENSA)I truly believe that Eagles fans are more passionate about the Eagles than Chiefs fans are about the Chiefs. Chiefs fans are great fans and they like to go to Arrowhead and cheer and make great barbecue and wear red....but Eagles fans have that intagible "it" over them....oh yeah, and Kansas City, Missouri (the nicer of the 2 Kansas Cities, there is also Kansas City Kansas) is a boring, beat town. Good steaks and barbecue, though.

9:25 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

You also see more Eagles fans travelling around than most other teams. Maybe it's a PA thing though as you see the terrible towels where ever they go as well.

Regarding KC, my wife and I went to the game last year and you could tell the difference in the 2H of that game when the Iggles started coming back. The fans were dead silent where in Philly you would have heard plenty of loud boos.

11:17 AM EDT  

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