Tuesday, September 05, 2006

53 Man Roster Review

eagles cut down to their 53 man roster last week, and there were a few surprises but no shockers.


mcfranchise, garcia, feeley

no surprises here as the writing was on the wall for koy once the birds started to work dirk johnson in as holder for field goals. picking up feeley was a obvious move for both the birds and for feeley, but a good move nonetheless. only question i have is whether or not we actually need garcia now that feeley is on board. jeff has very little left in the tank, IMO. maybe we can get some value in a trade?


westbrook, buckhalter, moats, mahe, perry

it's nice to see buckhalter back, but i'm a little concerned about the RB corps. all of these guys are injuries waiting to happen. there's not a durable back in the entire group. with andy seemingly set to go to a 2 TE set, is he going to run these backs into the ground? he has mashers up front but no mashers in the backfield.



my not so little buddy is gone. good luck in seattle, josh, i honestly wish you well. btw - thanks to whoever sent my the josh parry card. i'll lock it up in my safe deposit box and tell my son about the time josh parry's brother threatened to beat me up via the web. my concern is that tapeh doesn't seem to be an upgrade over parry in terms of blocking. someone (e.g. donovan) is going to get hurt on a missed tapeh assignment.


stallworth, brown, baskett, lewis, avant

only surprise here is how few WR they kept. nobody they dropped was going to be a contributor anyway, so really the only thing they lose is some injury protection.


smith, schobel, bartrum



thomas, herremans, jackson, andrews, runyan, justice, jean-gilles, cole, young, mccoy

no surprise on the fraley trade. i'm a little surprised they kept 10 guys on the o-line, but they did have a lot of bodies here and really the only one who surprised me was mccoy. i would have thought practice squad for him. they must like him a lot. let's hope he ends up better than our last undrafted FA tackle (hicks). one problem now: with fraley gone, who has the best nickname on the team?


kearse, howard, cole, mcdougle, thomas, patterson, bunkley, walker, rayburn, ramsey

of all the positions on the team, the birds seem to know d-linemen better than any other. they really seem to know what they are doing at the d-line. i've never felt better about a d-line group than this one (even the buddy d-lines didn't go more than 5 players deep). all of these guys can play and we have at least 4 potential/current stars in this group.


jones, trotter, mccoy, barber, gaither, short

by far the weakest position on the team. these guys are either slow (trotter), undersized (mccoy), or undersized *and* slow (jones). JJ doesn't seem to mind though. it was nice to see full throttle make the team (probably the best nickname now?) and gaither seems to be a good young player. barber should be able to fill the ike reese role nicely.


brown, sheppard, hood, hanson

i'm surprised that they kept hanson over strickland. hanson sucked at san fran and he's frigging short. strickland, IMO, played ok last season and he's at least a little taller than hanson. the birds must have the shortest set of corners in the league. matchups against plaxico and me-o scare me a little. brown and sheppard are generously listed at 5' 10" and hood and hanson are both listed at 5' 9". all four are probably an inch shorter than their program height.


dawkins, lewis, considine, mikell

i'm disappointed that jr reed didn't make the squad, but he didn't seem to have "it" as a KR anymore and that probably spelled his doom. this is a solid group and i have no complaints.


akers, johnson




Anonymous Phil said...

I thought Truck Driver was and still is the best nickname.

Does the LB group improve with JJ's decision to start using Dawk as a LB in certain situations?

How long before Hood is starting in front of Sheppard? FO had him as one of the top 5 corners last year.

12:24 PM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Pete, I am in total agreement with you....weaknesses in the offensive backfield and at LB....the saving grace with RB is that Westbrook is a stud (when healthy), Correll can contribute when healthy and that's about it....after that it's just a guessing game and there is no one else out there...

LB is also a little depressing. No one can cover the TE, but at least there are no good TEs in the East outside Witten, Shockey, Cooley, Shiancoe, Doug Cosbie, Gary Shirk, Don Warren, Rick Walker, Jay Novacek, and Billy Joe Dupree.

Why keep OL McCoy? That was the only surprise to me...he could have been hidden on the taxi squad...

1:02 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

Does the LB group improve with JJ's decision to start using Dawk as a LB in certain situations?

i guess it does a little, but that will only be in the new nickel package. JJ will likely still play his base 4-3 on first down and most second downs.

How long before Hood is starting in front of Sheppard? FO had him as one of the top 5 corners last year.

hopefully it doesn't get to that. sheppard will have to stink up the join for JJ to make that move.

1:02 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

Hopefully? If Hood's the better player (and you can make that argument), then he should be starting no matter how early Sheppard was drafted. I think Sheppard may be the most overrated Eagles player.

I think I read somewhere that the Iggles were afraid McCoy would have been picked up by another team.

1:52 PM EDT  
Anonymous Josh Parry: Lead Blocker for Shawn Alexander said...

I was a bit surprised Mccants did not make the team. He was a very important part of the special teams.

2:30 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

Experts really don't like the Iggles (http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/preview06/news/story?id=2568742) with Sal "The Homer" Palantoneo the only one picking Philly. If you don't think he's a homer, look who his Defensive POY is.

4:05 PM EDT  

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