Wednesday, August 30, 2006

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from rich eisen on and the nfl network:
It happened just last week when reporters told Owens that Parcells said he needed to see something from Owens on the practice field before he could play him in Week 1, which we all know Owens always took as a given even when he was riding that stationary bike for days on end. Perhaps it was the fact the question hit directly on that chord that Owens breeched Marshall's imaginary wall.

"If he wants to see something, he has 10 years of film to back and look on," Owens said, referring to Parcells. "Like I said, I'm very confident and that's not to discredit what he's saying."

If this column was filmed before a live studio audience, it would be going: "ooooooooOOOOOH!"

Poor Parcells. In the autumn of his coaching career, he's got to deal with this stuff. Most observers believe that he didn't want Owens in the first place for just these reasons. Again, he's been known to bend the rules for star players, but what about for star players who haven't built up a single whit of credit in the coach's favor bank and then immediately test his patience? No one thought Parcells would stand for that but, thus far, he has. Suddenly folks wonder if the now 65-year-old Parcells has, dare we say, gone soft? Amazing. What took two years to happen to Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia has already happened to Parcells in one single training camp: People are wondering if he's lost his ability to lead the team.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO is a dick and a destructive force, but I willa dmit I was dying when he dressed up as Lance Armstrong for the bike rehab.

I think Parcells is perhaps the most over-rated football coach in history. His 2 SB wins were due to Bill belichek and a dominating D headlined by the best defensive football player of all time Lawrence Taylor who incidentally could snort coke off Parcells coin purse provided he made sacks each game. What ahs he done in Dallas? What did he do for the Jets? The guy gambles one big year by overpaying everyone, exactly what you don't want to do in this day and age, and he leaves teams in salary cap hell-see Jets, Gmen, and Pats when he left. He is arrogant and nasty because he is a camera hog, but his output doesn't match his attitude. I take Big Red over him today. They'll win 10 games this year and he's gone next year and they suck again. I enjoy the fact that TO is making his life miserable, he makes everyone else's life miserable.


6:17 PM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Solid post, Bull. Bill Parcells is the heavier, nastier, more bullying Larry Brown. Not to say that he is a bad coach, because I think he is a good coach (notice I didn't say great coach)...he does some good things definitely. I think his surliness and his bullying just makes me hate him even more...he really hasn't succeeded in Dallas which I love. But he plays a conservative football approach which keeps you in games (good defense and ball control) and I think that he does a decent job with talent evaluation. I think his bullying toughens guys up, which helps with crunch time play. I don't think that you can dismiss his success, but I certainly don't put him on the same pedestal as Gibbs, Walsh, Belichik, or Chuck Noll that's for sure.

10:19 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

I certainly don't put him on the same pedestal as Gibbs, Walsh, Belichik, or Chuck Noll that's for sure.

i'm not sure you can put gibbs on the pedastal with gibbs, walsh, belichick, or noll anymore.

i used to think he was the best coach i ever saw, now not so much.

in my mind, belichick and walsh are a clear 1a and 1b and above everyone else. i don't put noll in their class his overall record is that great. i think he was a byproduct of the players on that team. the steelers drafted very well or got lucky in 2-3 drafts in a row and had a team full of hall of famers. before that and after that, noll didn't do a whole lot. blasphemy, i know, but it's true.

10:30 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

Why wouldn't Landry be on that list? He was actually fairly innovative on offense in addition to winning a lot.

10:42 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

Why wouldn't Landry be on that list?

i put landry on the next tier of coaches with gibbs, shula, holmgren, parcells, jimmy johnson, and rich kotite. but that's just my opinion.

the only questionable guy in the list i think is johnson who struck me as an incredible evaluator of talent and motivator, but a horrible x's and o's guy. sort of like an evolved buddy.

even when i watch johnson on tv, it doesn't really seem like he knows the game that well.

10:52 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

I think we are missing some gems....the aforementioned Rich Kotite, Mike McCormick, Jim Haslett, Jerry Glanville, Kevin Gilbride, Ray Rhodes, and Jack Pardee

Seriously, it is tough to put criteria for coaches being great....
overrated coaches--Parcells, Mike Ditka, Jimmy Johnson, Mike Tice (what a bonehead, but he kept a job)Herm Edwards, Mo Cheeks (but Billy King had to have him, sorry for switching sports),Don Shula

underrated coaches--Jeff Fisher, John Fox, Bum Phillips, Tom Flores, Dave Barr

11:18 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

But a head coach (which is what we're discussing here) doesn't necessarily need to be a great X's and O's guy to be a great head coach. It helps, but isn't imperitive. Think you have to look at record over a prolongued period of time.

Man the Iggles had some real winners back in the 1990s. How are there any Eagles fans left after the Kotite/Rhodes 1-2 punch? I'm still not sure if Big Red is really all that good or merely GREAT compared to who came before him.

1:55 PM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Funny you say that Phil. Now I was only around from the Mike McCormick era on, but the Eagles really have had some horrible head coaches:
Vermeil--great; turned the team around, but burned out way to quick....turned football around in the city
Campbell--very bad; better coordinator
Buddy Ryan--a character, great evaluator of defensive talent; offense was freaking pathetic outside of Randall...overall a pretty lousy coach, but we loved the attitude of the team (Carson's defense was actually statistically better, too)
Kotite---whoa nellie!
Rhodes---started off great, especially with his "losing to the Redskins was like having someone break into your house and sodomize your family"....his "make plays" and "we'll check the tape and fix this thing" comments grew dreadful...that 3-13 team was the worst year of football in my life; much better coordinator than coach, overall below average coach
Big Red--to this point looks like a Rhodes Scholar compared to his aforementioned competion.

3:00 PM EDT  

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