Monday, August 14, 2006

McDougle Hurt... Again

this guy is the freaking chris chandler of defensive ends. mcdougle broke two ribs and will be out at least 3 weeks.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the Eagles aren't getting enough malk....

- Joe

4:28 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The shame of is that I get a sense that the kid can play a little when healthy (never). I'm of the opinion that you can NEVER have enough defensive linemen. It's ironic, because I tend to focus on the skill guys exclusively while watching football.

I know less about football than anyone on this board, but I'm starting to sense that the Eagles will be very good this year. They seem to be developing the chemistry that I've always felt was the real key to success in this team game.

I hope some of the backs and receivers get healthy. I also hope Mr. Jones forgets about playing the air guitar and being "cool" and plays hard nosed football. If this all happens, away we go...


9:32 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Biggest concern for Birds fans shouldn't be McDougle-Juqua Thomas is the better player anyway. Bigger concern should be Westbrook and his fargility and their complete lack of RB depth. They need to grab a Chris Brown/Travis Henry who can play. That wooly mammoth O line could make a lot of RB look good.


9:54 PM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Good insight, Bumble. Or should I say "Bull". Maybe, and just maybe, the strain is just a ruse (spelling) for letting Westbrook sit out the rest of camp. Maybe Big Red sees that this team is SOL with Westbrook and Don on the hurt list and Big Red is being extra cautious.

Ben, I enjoy your Phillies insight, and I agree that this team has the potential to be very competitive. I honestly see them in the upper echelon of teams in the NFC this year, no problem. As long as they stay relatively healthy, I can't see them not making a serious play-off run again. It is going to be a really interesting 3 weeks. They have some really tough cuts coming up, especially at WR, LB, both lines, and the defensive backfield. I just struggle with them not upgrading at RB, at least. It would be tough to have a receiver come in and pick up this complicated offense, but a back can pick it up relatively quick, at least a couple of plays. Come to think of it, the RB/FB is going to be a tough cut down. How can Tapeh and Parry both make this team? I think that Lewis and Gaffney will have a tough cut ahead of them, too. We'll see.

8:45 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

I really, really hope Big Red's just being extra cautious. Though they can still make the playoffs without Westbrook. Everything rests on 5's shoulders.

As an aside, I wonder if we can go 2 days without talking about the FB position. It's not a key position for the birds. Back-up TE is more important in this offense. If I never hear Tapeh or Parry's name again, I don't think my life would be any less full.

11:13 AM EDT  

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