Thursday, April 13, 2006

Professional Fullback

ok big red, there may be an opportunity for you to get a real, live, professional fullback on the philadelphia eagles for the first time in three seasons. hope you are getting ready to pounce on him.

i know everyone else if focused on the wideout position, but i think that keeping 5 on his feet and off his ass is the top priority for this team.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We could certainly use him to help make holes for our RBs who aren't that large either.....
- Joe

12:20 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

Fullbacks help the running game? Huh. Someone should tell Reid.

12:33 PM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

There is no chance of getting Schlessinger...none...because Reid is set in his mind....I will get berated again and people are going to throw past track records around, but I don't have a warm and fuzzy about this year....I so hope that I am's the one thing that sticks in my mind....a couple of years ago we were going to NFC Championship Games and had mediocre at best receivers....actually our crappy receivers hurt us in the Championship game against Carolina. We bring in TO and Donovan's numbers go up, we win a ton and this team is pretty impressive....we needed some better players there, it TO boogers this team up and I don't want to relive, we could be at best equal to our mediocre receivers a couple of years ago and we think we are going to make any noise....Donovan doesn't look like he likes to throw to anybody except TO (can't blame him for that)and we are right where we were and at least then we had the 3 headed monster in the backfield...we don't have that anymore, either.

So, how can we honestly expect to make noise in this East? Donny looked shaky last year....Westbrook doesn't appear to be anything more than a very good third down back and a mismatch on LB receiver....we have a piece of slop at FB and mediocre receivers. I don't dislike what they did in the off-season, but I can't honestly say that they improved the offense....Donny knows that and that is why he is chirping about being frustrated....I have said it all along, and I hope that I am wrong, Reid's arrogance is going to be the scourge of this team...mark that down and I hope that people can come back and tell me "I told you so".

7:38 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

I'm only partially optimistic about this year due to many of Dog's points, but don't think you can point to last year as anything but an aberration given how not-heathly 5 was. Even with the so-so WRs and lack of a big RB. This looks like a playoff team to me, although maybe not a SB team.

Then again maybe they were only really good those 4 years because the NFC East was so bad. I mean like Cardinals bad. Kinda easy to go 12-4, 13-3 when you're division's getting you half way there in only 6 games.

8:09 AM EDT  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Phil, I think that you are on the same page as me. I think that we are giving Donny a little too much credit and I think that we are starting to see what to do to neutralize Donny. If he doesn't run, he's basically a better than average QB. He doesn't have the talent to kill you in the air...and they don't have the ground game to grind it out on the ground. At least when he was running a little bit, it kept some teams honest. What every team does is force him to throw. He's not Marino in the pocket and that's probably how you defend him. Come on, we ALL see those worm burning passes and total misses that he chucks up a couple times a game. I hope that I am wrong, because another mediocre or bad year will be killer on my fall/winter. I just don't see it, though. I am on the bandwagon, I bleed midnight green, but as you said I am cautiously optomistic and Reid has done things over the course of his tenure to make me scratch my head, especially on offense.

9:24 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

Sigh. I just wish they had lived up to the hype of last season. I still feel robbed.

9:45 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please tell me that you guys are watching the same game I am? If you are,then you would see that 90% of the time the Eagles run the ball the fullback is not in! When Parry is in I have seen him lock up guys and create holes! There is an offensive line that needs to do it's job! I have also seen Parry save McNabb every time! In a recent interview Parry said that he rather recieve a holding call than let Don get sacked-and when Parry is in he has not let a sack! So please all you wannabes STOPcrying about our fullback because I think that he is one of the best in the NFL and when he gets more playing time he will prove it! Now that TO is out and not crying for the ball the Eagles will use their running game! And you keep frogetting Parry beat out a Pro-Bowler! I think Parry is awesome!

12:25 AM EDT  

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