Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Awwwwww, yeah!

richard bloch upheld not only the 4 game suspension but also the deactivation for the rest of the season.
"The finding is that the club has shouldered its burden of proof of clear and convincing evidence of play misconduct in that the four-week suspension was for just cause," Bloch wrote in his decision. "Additionally, there was no inherent violation of the labor agreement in the club's decision to pay Owens but not practice or play him due to the nature of the player's conduct and its destructive and continuing threat to the team."
according to mike florio of, the birds can now go after 1.75 million of the signing bonus they gave TO last season and can use the salary he'd make during his deactivation period to offset that debt. the bottom line is that TO won't get another cent from the philadlephia eagles, and he'll actually owe them 700k. couldn't happen to a nicer guy. hope those houses sell soon fella.

now, go piss on someone else's parade you *sshole.


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