Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wednesday Links

- phil sheridan thinks the eagles should just cut TO to prove to send a message to the world that they're not petty or vindictive. screw that! i say nail him to the wall. i want a pound of flesh from the guy who ruined the karma on this team and started tearing the locker room apart. TO is a terrorist plain and simple, don't give him what he wants.

- stan hochman writes about don in his column today. i won't link to it because i don't much care for hochman. i think he's a hateful, spiteful little man who always has an agenda.

- john smallwood writes about the unfortunate "paradeless generation". at least i was fortunate enough to experience the golden era of philadelphia sports 75-83. none of the poor kids born after 1983 have ever had a chance to root for a champion.

- well, rob maaddi goes in the dumbass pile. today he writes that every aspect of the team was playing bad *except* for TO but doesn't find any interesting coincidence there. hey rob, people who suck the life out of other people are never affected by their own actions.

- flyers continue to lose. a couple of weeks ago, i wrote that i thought the flyers were "big team, not enough skill, too slow, goaltending not good enough" and i think most of that was evident in yesterday's loss. tampa beat them to every puck and played with more energy and desire. they were winning a couple of weeks ago, but i didn't like the look of the team. now they're not winning, and i don't think it's just something that they need to work through -- there are major structural problems with this team. i also wrote this a couple of weeks ago and i stand by it.
benjamin franklin once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." we've been watching the beloved bobby clarke build the same team over, and over, and over, and over, and over... coaches have come and gone. star players have come and gone. pretty clear at this point whose fault it is. isn't it? CLARKE MUST GO!"
- wagner visited the mets yesterday and took a shot at the ballpark. ph*cking morons. why in blazes would they build such a bandbox? does montgomery think it makes him look better when he says they didn't intend to build it so small? when he says no one made a decision to build it that size, it just ended up that way, doesn't he know that it highlights what a second class operation he is running?

- i'd bet dollars to doughnuts there is more to this story than just cheapness. when they can only get lennox lewis to donate for the muhammad ali center, then that tells me there was a problem with the process or the people who were soliciting donations. i bet they just turned tiger, michael, and shaq off.


Blogger The Big Dog said...

Ooh good stuff again. I still think that the Flyers are okay, but maybe you are right with something that is amiss. I just don't now. Hockey is too long of a season and you really can't get concerned until February.

Philly will eventually win another major title. Don't we have to? The best Philadelphia team that I ever saw was the 1983 Philadelphia Sixers. I watched almost every game that they played that year on....Prism. That team was stacked and had one of the best coaches in Philadelphia history in Billy C. They had the best C in the league in Moses (sorry Kareem, Moses was better in 1983 and I am not a huge Kareem fan), Doc (the original Jordan), the best point guard in the league in Mo Cheeks, Andrew Toney, who was just killer on the perimeter....throw in Marc Iavaroni in the starting 5 to make sides they had Bobby Jones off the bench who was an all-star...Clint Richardson and the back-up C (I forget his name, he was a solid back-up I can see him they got him from Indiana) and some other smaller role players like Earl Cureton. They had a fantastic record and were dominating all year...they beat the teams that they had to beat, didn't have any bad stretches, didn't let down, and nearly ran the table in the play-offs.

9:41 AM EST  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

agree completely. that 83 sixers team was the best philadelphia team i have ever seen. they didn't have any flaws and just manhandled the league that season.

clemon johnson was the backup you're thinking of.

charles barkley has often said the best player he ever played with was andrew toney (which he always emphasizes by saying "and i played with doctor j and moses"). charles said that toney was the one who humbled him when he got to the pros as a cocky first round draft pick -- that he got into the league thinking he could dominate until his first practice with the sixers when he saw andrew toney make 50 (or some similarly ridiculous number) jump shots in a row. it's a damn shame 22's career was cut short by injury.

9:52 AM EST  
Blogger The Big Dog said...

Clemon Johnson...I can see him, too. I think he was #45. Great back-up C. The Sixers didn't lose much when he came in. Plus Earl Cureton was an athletic young guy who could cause problems for some guys. The 1983 Sixers were the only totally dominating Philadelphia team that I have ever seen. I remember the great match-ups that they had with the Bucks, the only team that gave them fits. Brian Winters, Mickey Johnson, Marques Johnson, Sidney Moncrief, plus the only C that Moses had trouble with--big Bob Paul Pressey and Junior Bridgeman (and Paul Mokeski,not to mention Steve "the Mayor" Mix)...the Bucks were the second best team in the NBA that year....boy do I miss domination like that

10:41 AM EST  

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