Saturday, February 28, 2009

Farewell to Brian Dawkins? is reporting that brian dawkins has signed with denver. brian dawkins is my all-time favorite eagle and it will be odd to see anyone else lining up at safety for the birds.

odder still will be seeing him in a denver uniform at the linc (denver is one of the home opponents this season).

all good things must come to an end, i guess. i enjoyed watching you play mr. dawkins, and it was a pleasure rooting for you. i wish you only good fortune as you move onto your new team!

UPDATE: the inquirer is reporting this morning that the dawkins deal is not done and that he may still be talking to the birds



Blogger MS69 said...

It's official now. This parasitic, carpetbagger organization sucked some more fun out of football in this town.

2:33 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I expect a lot of negative feedback on this move. I too love Dawk. He is my all time favorite defensive player. HOWEVER, he was not that good last year and he is getting older. He was flat out bad for the first 2/3 of the season then had a super last 1/3 and made it to the pro bowl. Anyone remember him making a single play of significance in that AZ game? I remember AZ WR running free through our secondary like a knife through butter, but I don;t remember Dawk having any impact in the pass or run defensive game.

This is why Denver is a mediocre organization. Picking up a 35 year old SS is not the answer. Their D is terrible and needs to get younger. Dawk may be a leader, but he'll be 36 next year. Do those legs really have much value left in them? Sadly I say no after really observing him last season. This is the heartbreak of when players don;t know when to quit. he should have retired after this year on top. Instead he'll be a slow defensive player on a shitty Denver team and be out of the league by 2010, not unlike Brett Favre. Does not tarnish who Dawkins was for me, but I cannot say I feel the need to rnat about the Birds and scream for not bringing him back.


3:19 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I will rant about their complete disinterest in day one of free agency. An OT with a major knee issue? Yes he is Andrews brother and that could come in handy and he is good, but it assumes all 350 plus of him is healed. I like the move if he is healed and they can then go after secondary and Rb help in round one, I dislike the move if they still take an OL in the first round.

Also, why do I hear about the Giants bringing in Chris Canty? That is someone who should have been in Philly for a visit.

Stupid signing by the Skins. Good player, too much money. However, they don't care because it won't matter to their cap in 2010 with no cap. Boy nwouldn;t it be fun if the Birds took a "screw the cap, let's win now" approach just once.

Would anyone bring Derrick Brooks or Keith Brooking in for a cup of coffee? I sure would. Nice young LB core we have would certainly benefit from more depth and leadership.

Runyan looks to be gone. The big fella had a great career here and never missed a game. I think he had a better year than Thomas, but he too is old and on his last legs.


3:24 PM EST  

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