Friday, August 31, 2007

Eagles Announce Final Cuts

congrats to gcobb for scooping everyone (including the eagles' own website) on the list of final cuts.

Nate Ilaoa (RB)
Jason Davis (FB)
Jeremy Cain (FB/LS)
Jeremy Bloom (WR)
J.J. Outlaw (WR)
Michael Gasperson (WR)
Zac Collie (WR)
Lee Vickers (TE)
Jonathan Palmer (T)
Jasper Harvey (C)
Jacob Hobbs (G)
Pat McCoy (T)
Marques Murrell (DE)
Mauricio Lopez (DT)
Ian Scott (DT)
Akeem Jordan (LB)
Dedrick Roper (LB)
Dustin Fox (CB)
Nick Graham (CB)
Marcus Paschal (S)
Erick Harris (S)
Dirk Johnson (P)

no real surprises as i was expecting rocca over johnson and for the bloom experiment to end.

possible candidates for the practice squad:
nick graham
marcus paschal
nate ilaoa
marques murrell
jason davis
mauricio lopez

edit: so apparently, gcobb got the list from the eagles website, and the eagles claim the list is a dummy list that was put there by mistake. i'm going to leave this up to see how it compares with the actual list. i'm betting it looks just about the same is this list.



Anonymous Phil said...

We just resigned JR Reed!

Maybe a little good karma to balance out cutting Trot?

8:43 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the Reid and Von Ohlhoffen moves. Both may be questionable, but if healthy at all, both add value to this team. They need to keep combing waivers or make a trade for LB depth and I'm happier than I was a few days ago.


9:17 PM EDT  
Blogger Big Dog said...

Gotta admit, I think it was a little strange to see the Eagles give up on 3 of their 7 draft picks this year in Barksdale, Gaddis and Iloa....I think Iloa was a no brainer, but I really thought that they would keep the 2 DBs at least on the practice squad. I guess you count Nick Graham as a DP in a sense and Murrell and the LB that they kept, plus the Samoan dude that they got at MLB that got cut from the Cards. But in general, they cut almost half of their draft picks which is a little bizarre for them. I think the guys that they kept, excluding Kolb are going to get PT this year. Bradley is going to play as well as Abiramiri at least on ST. Celek will probably get some reps at TE (maybe a lot even) and Tony Hunt will probably get some touches. But, I am a little surprised with how things panned, does JR Reed still have it? I think in general, it was a little bizarre....oh yeah Ian Scott is going to go down as HUGGGGGGGGGGGE they deep sixed 2 of the off season pick ups in Bethel Johnson and Scott....

7:20 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

I actually see the relased draft picks and FA pick-ups as a good thing. Yeah they made some bad personel decisions, but at least they didn't compound the mistakes by keeping them around just so they could keep up appearances.

2:04 PM EDT  

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