Thursday, October 12, 2006

Troy Vincent Released

you got your wish, joe. the bills released troy today and he's free to sign with anyone.

if the eagles had any thoughts of signing him, who would they cut to free up roster space for him?

as much as i love troy, i wouldn't cut considine and i don't think troy can play SS (which quentin mikell can). does he have enough left to play corner? buffalo didn't think so.

i'll be happy to see him back in eagles green, but not at the cost of a contributing player.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cut Hanson, Troy has got to be better, even if you just stick him on a guy and have him bump him at the line.

7:29 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

i thought hanson played pretty well last game. i certainly don't think troy could have done what hanson did vs dallas.

you're right that troy can still maul people at the line, but he doesn't have the speed or quickness to play corner anymore. he'd be a liability in coverage.

if we can find other return guys, i'd be ok with cutting dexter wynn though.

7:52 PM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

I've watched portions of the game a couple times now and Toastolio played better than just pretty well. He was covering Owens a lot and only gave up 1 or 2 passes to him. Who gave up on him again?

Course Sheppard had a phenom game as well so I'm thinking maybe DAL may have just been running a pretty predictable game plan.

8:01 PM EDT  
Anonymous howard eskin said...

Great football teams find ways to evolve while getting younger. They don't loiter in yesterday.

Troy's a great memory, but he isn't capable of improving the Eagle's current roster.

Andy's greatest attribute is his willingness to look forward rather than back. Perhaps that's why the team is consistently excellent over a long (for the NFL) time span. Don't forget, this team would have been a winner last year if not for injuries.

I'm sure Phil agrees with me.

8:21 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't cut Hanson, or Consindine, or Wynn, If Hood were going to be out all year, I'd IR him and bring Troy in. The only guy I'd consider cutting for Troy is Leiws. I think Troy could play free as well as he can at this point. Lewis never got better. I would not resign him. That is never going to happen, and at 34, Troy is past his prime.

However, I do NOT wnat to see a division rival in need of secondary help-Skins, Giants-grab him. Birds cannot use him, but I wouldn't want to face him.


10:39 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My case for Troy:
I believe that CB is an position that you can actually play for a very long time as long as you stay in shape and prepare well (See Green).
I would not use Troy as anything more than a 4th CB, but I believe that if you would use him in that role, he would be a valuable contributor. (Its not like he was bad last year, anyway). Further, I think since he has seen everything that an offense can throw at you, he would help the likes of Hanson, Sheppard and Lewis get better quicker.

Plus, I like the guy, so bring him back.


PS: If Reid does not bring him back, I believe that Vincent is done, Reid is too smart to categorically say no.

6:44 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

The only guy I'd consider cutting for Troy is Leiws

i'm guessing you're talking about michael lewis here? that would leave us with no true strong safety on the roster. dawkins could fill in at that spot but it would shorten what time he has left since SS takes much more of a pounding.

I believe that CB is an position that you can actually play for a very long time as long as you stay in shape and prepare well (See Green)

true, but green was historically the fastest man in the nfl and carried that with him all the way to the end. troy was already losing a step by the end of his tenure with the eagles and he was talking about having to move to safety prior to leaving the birds.

that said, i'd still love to have him back on the team.

8:19 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question to All:
Are the LBs actually better or is the DL finally good enough to give them the room they need?


8:47 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

How much of Lewis' poor play this year has been because JJ was putting him in bad positions? I'm not convinced the Eagles should just let him walk after this year.

And I (shudder, shudder) have to agree with Eskin on Vincent. Frankly, I'd drop the Badassador and bring him back in some front office capacity. Probably among the highest quality persons that's worn an Iggles uniform in the past 25 years.

8:49 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

Are the LBs actually better or is the DL finally good enough to give them the room they need?

imo, it's a combination of both.

mccoy is a major upgrade over bullet and barber is making plays all over the field. barber and mccoy are probably the two fastest LBs in a long time (they may even be faster than willie t was). barber looks to be even faster than he was during his last stint with the birds as he was just coming off major knee surgery back then.

even dhani jones has chipped in with a play here and there.

the d-line is just a monster right now. even without kearse, they can line up 4 guys who can all dominate. walker was hurt for a big part of last year, so it was easy to forget how good he can be when he's healthy and motivated.

9:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Phil said...

The fact that Truck Driver, who played half-way decently last year, isn't even dressing says something too. I haven't checked the stats, but they seem to be getting stronger in the 2H (more sacks, better pressure). I hope that carries over to them getting better as the season goes on. Can you imagine?

10:51 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Lewis has been making some mental mistakes. Is that enough to cut him....probably not.

But Wynn hasn't really been helping us, and Hood's injury might be worse than reported, otherwise he'd be playing this week, and he's not.

I think while Vincent may have lost a step, he's still better than a majority of what is out there, including what we have on our own team.

Sign him. He's smart, fast, and driven. He knows the system, knows everything that could be thrown at him.
I think he's the kind of guy who brings up your locker room, and is a real team leader. Adding him in with Wolverine could really make the mental state of the D unstoppable. I think he's the sort of guy you make a run to the end with.

Sign him...

- Joe

10:57 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more note to add. Peter said that Buffalo didn't think he could play corner. When was the last time Buffalo made good decisions?
- Joe

11:00 AM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

paul domowitch thinks it's unlikely to happen. from his article today:

An Eagles-Troy Vincent re-union doesn't appear to be in the cards. The 35-year-old defensive back was released by the Bills yesterday. But unless they suffer another injury in the secondary, the Eagles are expected to pass. They don't need any safety help, and they are starting to get healthy again at cornerback. Lito Sheppard returned last week after missing three games. They are hoping to get Rod Hood (heel strain) back by no later than next week, and have been very pleased with the play of his replacement, Joselio Hanson.

11:05 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, another note:

A four-time Pro Bowl selection, Vincent is coming off a strong season in which he made a career-high 102 tackles and led the Bills with four interceptions in 16 starts.
He's one game short of appearing in his 200th career game.

- Joe

11:05 AM EDT  
Anonymous josh parry. Just josh parry said...

Huge tackle numbers aren't necessarily a good thing for a safety.

11:24 AM EDT  
Anonymous howard eskin said...

Let's also bring back Randall Cunningham. He throws a really nice spiral and would be excellent insurance if McNabb goes down.

I think Keith Jackson is also available. One more drop from our butterfingers TE....

I bet you guys still like to listen to Classic Rock, also.

It's easy to get buried, living in the past.

12:45 PM EDT  
Blogger The Mean Guy said...

Let's also bring back Randall Cunningham. He throws a really nice spiral and would be excellent insurance if McNabb goes down.

a-ha! a phony. the real howard eskin would never say such things about randall cunningham.

3:10 PM EDT  

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