Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Eagles DPAR and DVOA Ranks for Week 6

- TEAM - the philadelphia eagles rank 2nd in overall team efficiency, 1st on offense, 7th on defense, and 11th on special teams. the birds have had the 24th hardest schedule up to this point, but have the 11th hardest from here on out. schedule difficulty for the other teams in the division breaks down like: cowboys 11th/17th, giants 4th/6th, redskins 9th/3rd. eagles are also the most consistent team in the nfl up to this point, having a variance of only 0.5% in their game performances.

- QB - donnie franchise ranks 1st in DPAR and 3rd in DVOA

- RB - brian westbrook ranks 9th in DPAR/4th in DVOA for rushing and 2nd in DPAR/6th in DVOA for receiving

- WR - donte' stallworth ranks 38th/37th, reggie brown ranks 25th/30th, and greg lewis and hank baskett do not have enough catches to qualify in the rankings

- TE - lj smith ranks 6th/18th

- OL - have not yet been updated, i'll update this post when football outsiders publish the numbers

- DL - have not yet been updated, i'll update this post when football outsiders publish the numbers



Anonymous Phil said...

If it wasn't for the 4th quarter of THAT game, everyone else would have them ranked right below da Bears, too. Apparently our inability to recover defense fumbles and amazing FG % against them so far make the Eagles a very unlucky team so far.

Anyone else concerned about our inability to convert 3rd downs? Course this doesn't become that big of a deal as long as they keep getting 40 yard plays, but I have a feeling that might be about as sustainable as our unlucky fumble recoveries.

Rewatched the game last night on NFL Network. What a great idea! Just as good the second time around.

1:16 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched it on my DVR. I like being able to see it from that perspective afterwards. Not to mention to see Me-O lose it on the side lines.

Yes, I have been very worried about 3rd down conversion. Some of those should get better as our guys stop dropping balls. Also, I think McFive needs to call his own number a little more often for those 3 & short plays.

- Joe

2:27 PM EDT  

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